Exoclick: Adult Display Ads, Pop-Unders, Redirect and More!

Exoclick: Adult Display Ads

Monetize and Advertise Your Porn Site With Exoclick

Are you an advertiser wanting to purchase traffic or a webmaster trying to monetize your adult website? Check out ExoClick. ExoClick is one of the largest adult advertising network and offers a wide range of different ad types to choose from. The ad zones range from basic display ads to page peels and redirect scripts, with everything in between. ExoClick boasts the title of being the 4th largest ad network in the world. That includes mainstream ad networks such as Google AdSense. Here’s all the details on the ExoClick network.


Adult-Friendly Text and Banner Ads

ExoClick offers basic text-based and banner ad types. After creating and verifying a site, publishers can add display banner ads to their websites or blogs. ExoClick allows you to choose from a range of popular ad types and sizes. For text-based ads, you’re able to create custom sizes as well.

Adult-Friendly Text and Banner Ads

Choose whether you want a border, pick out the color scheme and choose the category of advertisements you want displayed. The more relevant the ad offers, the more clicks and money you’ll end up getting. Once everything is filled out, ExoClick will generate a code snippet. Copy and paste it into your site and the advertisements will appear.


Adult Pop-Under Ads

Pop-unders are insanely effective and profitable. With pop-unders, when a user clicks anywhere on your site, a new browser window will pop-up underneath the one they’re currently using to browse the site. Because the user doesn’t have to click on the ad itself, but rather can click anywhere on the page, you’ll get a lot more clicks than you normally will with banner ads.

Adult Pop-Under Ads

Because the ad type is so effective for advertisers, pop-unders will generally get higher bids, thus pay higher per click than other traditional ad types. Pop-unders allow you to monetize all visitors, except for bounce traffic. As long as they navigate at least two pages, they’ll trigger a pop-under, earning you money.


Instant Messaging (IM) Ads

Instant messaging (IM) ads are advertisements that resemble chat boxes that you’d see on instant messengers, Facebook messenger and more. Choose what niche / category of ads you want displayed on your site, choose the site the ad will be featured on and generate the code.

Instant Messaging (IM) Ads

Simply copy and paste the code snippet into the header of the pages you want the ad zone to appear on. A pop-up chat box will appear in the corner of the screen. This chat box will be anchored to the bottom corner of the screen and will move with the screen as the user scrolls. The chat box will usually feature a mock conversation with a hot girl.


Interstitial Ads

An interstitial advertisement is sort of like a pop-up but behaves a little differently. When the webpage loads, a full-page advertisement pops-up, taking up the entire screen. There will be a button in the top right-hand corner that the user must click to exit out of the interstitial screen and access the content.

ExoClick Interstitial Ads

Interstitials are very effective as the traffic is forced to engage with the advertisement before accessing the content. Interstitial ads are very profitable because all the visitors must engage with the advertisement, making it as effective as pop-unders and more effective than other ad types that might blend in with the site and that surfers have been programed to ignore.


In-Video Ads

If you’re running a tube site or feature video content on your adult site, you can monetize them with the ExoClick in-video display ads. These ads are fairly unintrusive and very effective. In-video ads are compatible with Flowplayer, JW Player, Nuevolab and Kernel Video Sharing.

ExoClick In-Video Ads

Display 300×250 and 468×60 ads inside your video player. Customize and show your ads with fancy effects on few events (pre/post/pause-roll & in-stream). These ads have high conversion rates.


Notification Bar

The notification bar is a very innovative ad type. Choose the category of the ad type and ExoClick will generate a code snippet that you place in the header of the pages you want the notification to appear on.

Notification Bar Ads

The notification bar will add a bar that stretches across the top of the screen. The bar will simulate a notification bar that i fairly common to see on certain websites or apps. It’ll contain a call-to-action and a click-through link. Publishers get paid for clicks.


Sticky Banner

A sticky banner is a cool little ad zone that will create a banner that’s fixed to a specific place on the screen and stays affixed to that location as the user scrolls through the site content. The sticky add comes in many different sizes and can be affixed to nine different locations.

ExoClick Sticky Banner

Sticky ads are highly clickable because they move with the screen and grab the users attention.  If the ads are in a fixed place on a sidebar, there’s a good chance the traffic will scroll down past where the ads are located. If the advertisement isn’t on the screen when the user is done viewing the content, it’s difficult to get clicks. Sticky banner ads solve that problem.


Mobile Adult Advertisements

In addition to the desktop ad zones (which works with mobile traffic as well) ExoClick offers a wide range of mobile-specific ad zones. Here is what’s available for monetizing your mobile traffic:


Mobile Banner Ads

Display ads optimized for mobile devices. The banner ads can be placed on the top, bottom or middle of the screen.

Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile-optimized display ads get a much higher click-through rate than normal ad zones that are being viewed on a mobile device.


Mobile Redirect Scripts

A mobile redirect script with detect mobile traffic and automatically redirect those users to a mobile-optimized offer. Simply select the category of offers you want the traffic to receive and paste the code snippet into the header of your site.

Mobile Redirect Scripts

I personally advise against mobile redirect scripts as it’s a horrible user-experience. The surfer went to your site looking for a specific piece of content and instead they’re redirected to an offer. Google also frowns upon mobile redirect scripts, as they treat the traffic differently than Googlebot, something against their guidelines. If you don’t mind these issues, mobile redirect scripts can be insanely profitable.


Mobile Pop-Unders

A popunder appears hidden behind the main browser window. Once displayed, the popunder remains unnoticed until the main browser window is closed, leaving the user’s attention free for the advertisement.

Mobile Pop-Unders

The mobile pop-unders are optimized for mobile devices. The offers that will open in the new tab are also optimized for mobile devices. This leads to higher conversion rates on mobile traffic. The more money advertisers make, the more they’re willing to bid on ad space which means the more publishers can get paid.


Mobile Instant Messenger Ads

Creates a mobile instant messenger ad to pop-up at the bottom of the screen. This ad will move with the scrolling and is affixed to the bottom of the mobile device screen. Publishers get paid based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Mobile Instant Messenger Ads

Mobile IM ads are very effective for dating and livecam products. Choose whether the ads should always show or be capped to only show a specific number of times to each unique viewer.


Monetize Your Adult Mobile Apps

Do you have your own adult mobile app? Take advantage of the ExoClick in-app advertisements. Monetize your mobile app viewers and advertisers can bid on mobile traffic from developers.

Monetize Your Adult Mobile Apps

In order to use this ad zone, you’ll first have to verify your mobile application with ExoClick. You’ll also need the ExoClick SDK and documentation which is available to download once you’ve registered an account.


Exoclick Payout Methods and Payment Information

Before you can receive a payment, new publishers must first contact customer support and manually request their first payout. This is kind of odd and when I first reached the minimum payout (and then past it as months went by) it took me a while to realize what’s going on. Don’t get confused by that and don’t worry if they’re not initially paying out because of this. It’s a strange feature and a requirement I’ve only seen on Exoclick and no other networks.

The minimum payment is $20, but you can set it higher if you want. ExoClick offers a wide range of payout options. Some of the payout methods are paid out weekly while the rest are paid out monthly. Here’s the options available:


Weekly Payouts:

  • Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer minimum earnings must be 20 EUR/US DOLLARS
  • WebMoney minimum earnings must be 200 EUR/US DOLLARS

Monthly Payouts On the 20th:

  • Paypal, Paxum, Payoneer minimum earnings must be 20 EUR/US DOLLARS
  • WebMoney minimum earnings must be 200 EUR/US DOLLARS
  • Wire transfer minimum earnings must be 500 EUR/US DOLLARS


How Publisher Earnings Are Calculated:

Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) is used to calculate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, regardless of the actual pricing model used by the advertiser (CPC, CPM, etc)

For example using the pricing model Cost Per Click (CPC), the formula would be:
Click Ratio (CTR) x Cost Per Click (CPC) x 1.000 = eCPM

To calculate publisher earnings the formula is:
(Impressions /1.000) x eCPM

Earnings that would be generated by each campaign if the number of impressions is 100.000 and at different eCPM rates

Example A. 100.000 / 1.000 x 0.45 = $45
Example B. 100.000 / 1.000 x 0.75 = $75
Example C. 100.000 / 1.000 x 1 = $100

As you will receive campaigns using all the different pricing models, the eCPM is the most important criteria to analyse in your statistics to determine the level of revenue you should expect based on the traffic volumes you are sending us


Getting Your Website / App Approved

Before you can place advertisements on your site, you must first get it manually approved. This is to ensure the quality of the traffic generated through the network. If you’re site is unavailable or under construction, it might not get approved. ExoClick asks that you wait until it’s built up enough to be of quality before submitting it for approval.  Approval time will vary based on the current number of request. Exoclick works 24/7 to verify and approve sites as quickly as possible.

ExoClick allows a total of 50 sites and 300 ad zones to be added by each user. This is sufficient for most webmasters.

If you haven’t built a website yet, we have several guides that will help you create a porn site. If you need content to add to your site, check out our post on finding content to use in building a porn site.



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