Adult-Friendly Publisher / Advertiser Networks

Looking for ways to monetize your website or places to buy traffic? We’ve got them here for you. Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser or both, these are great networks for all adult webmasters. Here’s the publisher / advertiser networks available.


Display Ads, Pop-Unders, Redirects and More

Sign-up for these sites as either a publisher or an advertiser. Get paid by placing all these different ad types onto your site or purchase traffic for your website. These sites match up advertisers with publishers based on a wide range of criteria for the most relevant ads placed on the site and the highest quality traffic for advertisers.

Site Banner Pop-Ads Redirects IM Ads Page Peels More Info
ADAMO Yes Yes Yes No No Soon!
Adxxx Yes No No No No Soon!
ClickADu No Yes No No No Soon!
ClickPapa Yes Yes Yes Yes No ClickPapa
EroAdvertising Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes EroAdvertising
ExoticAds Yes No No No No ExoticAds
JuicyAds Yes Yes Yes No No JuicyAds
Plugrush Yes Yes Yes Yes No Plugrush



Adult-Friendly Link-Shortening Ad Networks

These networks allow you to shorten links (much like Bitly) and share them across the internet. An advertisement is displayed with the content of the linked-to page, and you get paid for all the clicks! Advertisers – You can also purchase traffic through these sites!

Network Top Frame Interstitial Other Ad Types More Information
Linkbucks No Yes Yes Linkbucks



Adult Image Hosting Ads

Monetize your uploaded image files. These sites allow you to upload photo content (and sometimes other media types) and make money on all the views. When a user is directed to the hosted media file, advertisements are displayed along with it. Free hosting and a way to make money!

Network Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 More Information
ImageTwist $5.50 $1.20 $0.22 ImageTwist



Explanation Of The Different Ad Types

Banner – Ad banners to your website. The ad network takes care of selling the ad space and the advertisers display ads will automatically appear. Choose between a range of shapes and sizes. Banners will either pay based on the number of clicks or impressions.

Pop-Unders – Add a code snippet to the header of your site and when someone clicks a pop-up advertisement will appear in a separate window. You get paid for every pop-under that occurs.

Redirects – Redirect certain types of traffic to an advertisement offer. The most common redirects are mobile redirects, but some sites offer IPTV redirects as well.

IM Ads – Add a chat / instant message style ad to your site. Get paid for all clicks.

Page-Peels – Code snippet that adds an animated ad to the corner of your site. The ad will resemble the turning page of a magazine with a mouse rollover effect that will turn the page, revealing the rest of the offer.


Publishers: Monetize Your Adult Website With Advertisements

Display advertisements is one of the primary ways you can monetize your adult websites. These ad networks pay out CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click). If you’re using ad types such as pop-unders or redirects, you’ll get paid every time the ad type is triggered. You won’t get paid as much as you would if someone converted after clicking on an affiliate banner, but unlike affiliate marketing, the traffic only needs to click (or see the ad) in order for you to get paid. This makes display ad networks a much more consistent form of income.

All you need to do is generate the style of ad you want and paste a code snippet where you want the ad type to appear. If it’s something other than a banner ad, you’ll paste a code in the header of your site and it’ll automatically add the ad type to all the pages where the code is present.

The publisher ad network handles all the sales of different advertisements. They then match those advertisements up to the publishers who’s sites fit the niche and ad types the advertisers purchase. It works on a bidding system, meaning if more advertisers are bidding on ad placement, the more the publishers will earn. If you’re working in a popular niche with popular ad types, you’ve got a better chance of earning due to more advertisers competing for traffic.


Advertisers: Buy Traffic For Your Adult Site

Want to drive traffic to your site or a specific affiliate offer? Adult advertising networks are a great way to market your porn site. Bid on traffic and select from specific niches and geo locations to better match the traffic to the offers you’re promoting. Different advertising networks have different rates for different countries, so check them all out to maximize your media buying potential. Choose from tons of different ad types or advertise through all of them. Tons of different options for driving traffic to your sites.


How Are Publisher Earnings Calculated?

All advertising networks work on a bidding system. Advertisers select what countries and niches they want traffic from and how much they’re willing to pay for clicks or impressions. The publisher advertising network matches up the advertisements to the publishers based on a wide range of criteria. Publishers get paid a percentage of the revenue. Different ad types will pay different amounts. For example, pop-unders and redirects are typically more profitable than display ad clicks. The more the advertisers are bidding, the better publishers get paid. Certain niches might pay better than other niches. Some sites pay out better rates than others and some sites get higher advertiser bids than others.


What’s The Difference Between CPC and CPM?

CPC = Cost Per Click and CPM = Cost Per Impression. If you’re a publisher, you’ll get paid based on the number of clicks for CPC and the number of impressions (either unique or total) for CPM. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll pay based on the clicks for CPC and the number of impressions for CPC. CPC is generally more profitable for publishers. Publishers should experiment with ad types to get more clicks.


What’s The Best Adult Publisher Ad Network?

This will vary from webmaster to webmaster and depends on the criteria you’re basing this on. Some webmasters use a wide range of different ad types and some webmasters only use one or two. For a webmaster using a wider range of ad types, you’ll need a network that offers everything you need. If you only use display ads or pop-unders, then you’ve got a lot more options. Many webmasters will use a mixture of ads from different networks, or run ads from different networks on different sites.

If you’re basing this on how much the network pays or how cheap the traffic is, that can always change over time. The highest paying site might shift based on how the site’s advertisers are bidding.


What Are the Most Profitable Ad Types?

Redirect scripts are usually the most profitable ad-types when considering the dollar amount for each “click”. However, there’s many reasons why you might not want to use them. The biggest being that Google has said that they’re against their webmaster guidelines. Using model (or IPTV) redirect might result in your site being dropped from Google search. This is a major issue for webmasters.

Pop-unders are the most profitable “safe” ad zone. They’re commonly used by many sites, including the big name tube sites. They pay a very generous CPM, and unlike banner ads, the traffic only needs to click anywhere on the site in order to initiate the pop-under. This is opposed to needing to click on a specific ad-zone in order to count as a click.