Adult Affiliate Marketing Through Social Media


Promoting Affiliate Offers For Porn Sites Using Social Media

Social media is a great free method of driving traffic to your adult affiliate offers. Social media is incredibly easy to use, easy to automate and the viral effect makes it easy to build an audience and drive traffic. There’s multiple social media sites that allow for adult content. There’s even some online communities that are dedicated to adult content. Even with the ones that aren’t adult-friendly, there’s methods of driving traffic. Here’s how to use social media to promote adult affiliate programs.


List of Networks For Promoting Your Content / Offers

There’s tons of social networks that you can use to promote adult affiliate offers. There’s a number of mainstream social media networks that support adult content. There’s also plenty of social media sites dedicated to the adult industry. Even for the mainstream social networks that don’t allow for adult content, there’s still creative ways you can promote through them. Here’s what is available.


Twitter – Twitter is one of the largest social media sites. It’s also one of the adult-friendly ones. Twitter should be a tool used by every adult affiliate marketer. It’s easy to automate and by @mentioning pornstars and camgirls, it’s easy to get retweets, which is a great way to drive traffic and new followers.

Tumblr – Tumblr is another adult-friendly social media site. Best of all, Tumblr allows you to modify the HTML of your blog’s template. That means you can add backlinks, affiliate links and banners directly onto your profile. You can also set image click-through links for photo-blogging and add links to the descriptions of media, or directly into text posts. – is a porn-pinning site very similar to Pinterest. The difference is that Pinterest doesn’t allow porn and is made for it. also lets you add a banner and click-through link. Use this for an affiliate offer or website link. You can also automate through an RSS feed.

Smutty – Smutty is another porn-pinning site similar to There are some differences, such as the integration they have with advertisers. This can “steal” some of your links, and transform them to their own affiliate links. That doesn’t mean that Smutty can’t still be used to drive website traffic. – A newer porn-pinning site that also integrates with live cams and content sales. Works very similar to with the addition of the added live cam features.

Image Fap – Image Fap is an online adult community. There’s many different ways you can market through Image Fap. This includes watermarking images and adding links to the blog feature. The blog feature will also build backlinks, which help with SEO.

Tube Sites – Tube sites have great potential to drive traffic and sales. If an affiliate program allows you to watermark and upload videos, it can drive tons of traffic. Certain sites also allow for backlinks to be included in profiles. If you’re a producer, you can make a branded studio page. There’s also potential for marketing through comments, messages and more.

Adult Forums – There’s tons of adult forums and communities out there. These communities were designed to discuss and share adult content. Some of these forums are even insanely niche in nature. This makes it even better to provide links to content the viewers will like.

Facebook – Although Facebok isn’t adult-friendly, you can still market through it. This can be done by watermarking SFW images, not sharing links but having a branded Facebook page (drives branded Google searches) or using a SFW proxy page (non-nude “Babe” site) that links to your adult sites somewhere.

Google+ – Google+ behaves very similar to Facebook. Google+ isn’t adult friendly, but the same strategies that work for Facebook work for Google+. As long as you’re not sharing links to adult / highly sexual content, or posting that content on your Google+ page, you can drive traffic without getting banned.


Driving Traffic To Website Vs Straight To Affiliate Offers

One question to ask is whether you should be trying to drive traffic to your website or directly to an affiliate offer. There’s advantages to both. If you’re driving traffic directly to the affiliate offer, there’s less clicks needed to get the conversion. You also can save bandwidth, which saves money. If you’re driving traffic to your website, you have the advantage to monetize the traffic multiple ways. The visitors might browse your content and click on multiple affiliate offers. You can also earn a CPM or CPC through adult ad networks. There’s also an SEO benefit through NoFollow links (in some cases, DoFollow) and site metrics.

Choosing the best route to go is something to consider. Remember, it’s also possible to create a hybrid approach. Who says it has to be one or the other? Experiment with different strategies and find out which one works best for you.


Running A Single Social Media Handle Vs Multiple

Another thing to consider is whether it’s best to be running fewer social media handles or more social media handles. There’s not always a best solution for this. One question is how many niches are you promoting? If you’re promoting multiple niches, it might be valuable to keep a social handle (maybe more?) for all the different fetishes you’re promoting. This gives niche appeal and makes it easier to match up the best converting offers to your social media followers.

Another consideration is how much can be automated (covered in next section) vs how much has to be manually added. Managing multiple social media handles effectively can be time consuming. Automation can help this. You have to make sure it’s don effectively though, or it can come out spammy.


Automation Vs Manual Posting

Automation can be very valuable for marketing through social media. Social media can be a very time consuming thing. When you can put certain sharing on autopilot, it can free up a lot of time. But there’s some risks to automation. Automation can look insanely spammy if done wrong. Certain sites also don’t allow for autoposting, especially for commercial gain. You have a greater chance of being banned or ghost banned running automations. If you’re going to automate, make sure it’s in an effective way. Also remember that you can adopt an automated / manual hybrid strategy.


Tools To Automate Social Media

IFTTT – IFTTT is a powerful free tool that can be used to automate many different social media networks. It works off If/Then statements. You can connect multiple networks together. You can also use certain dates, days of the month, RSS feeds and other triggers to automatically syndicate content.

RoboScripts Twitter Poster – RoboScripts is a premium script that works with the leading camming sites. You’re able to completely configure what kind of models you want to tweet out when they go online. Supports multiple Twitter handles and has features to randomize text to make tweets more original and less spammy. Automatically tweets our your affiliate links for the programs.


Automating Social Sharing From WordPress Blogs

If you’re running an Adult WordPress Blog, there’s some very useful plugins and tools that you can use to automatically syndicate the new posts. This can put your social sharing on autopilot and help drive traffic to your site. Here’s some tools that can be used to automate your WP social sharing.

NextScripts – NextScripts is a WordPress plugin for social media automation. It works with a wide range of networks, including Twitter and Tumblr. NextScripts is very robust and works with tons of WordPress features such as the tagging and category system. You’re able to add WordPress tags and categories as social media hashtags, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

WP-Script – This is actually a WordPress plugin for importing tons of content from many adult affiliate networks. It can’t directly automate adult social media, but can in a roundabout way. You can sync WordPress with tons of services like IFTTT, NextScripts,, ect. Every time a new item is added via WP-Script, it’ll create new RSS feed items which will trigger the social media automations.


How To Not Get Banned For Using Adult Affiliate Accounts

The easiest way to not get banned is to follow the TOS and content guidelines. That might not always keep you 100% safe, however. Certain social media sites shun automation and affiliate marketing in general. Especially in the adult niche. Even if you’re technically 100% compliant, a page or account might get suspended. This is especially true if you’re pushing the envelope as far as being right on the edge of compliant and non-compliant.

The good news is: You can always start again. Sure, you’ll end up losing out on the following you built, but that can always be ramped up again. If you’re rocking multiple social media handles, you can use your existing ones to try to funnel some followers to the new one during this project. This is one advantage of running multiple social media accounts on each site: You’ve always got contingencies.

It’s also worth mentioning that you might want to be hiding your IP address when registering all these accounts. That way, if you get an IP ban, if won’t compromise all your accounts.

There’s also something known as a “Ghost Ban”. A ghost ban is where a social media site won’t straight-up ban your account, but remove it from search and feeds. This is commonly done with spammy auto-posting accounts. The idea behind a ghost ban is that the spammy affiliate won’t create new accounts to replace the banned accounts. From their eyes, everything is running fine and it’s business as usual. Also, any members that truly want this content can access it, while not annoying the other members of the site. To avoid ghost bans, make sure your autoblogs aren’t spammy. Can the number of posts, make sure the texts and hashtags get changed up, ect.