Adult Affiliate Marketing Using IFTTT


Put Your Adult Affiliate Marketing On Autopilot Using IFTTT

IFTTT is a powerful free tool that can be used to put just about the entire internet on autopilot. It allows you to connect tons of different services. It can be used for some very valuable things, such as automating social media or WordPress posting. It can also do some ridiculous things like turn off the lights in your house (Assuming you got smart appliances) every time you receive a new Twitter notification. That just goes to show you how robust IFTTT truly is. Here’s how to make it work for you.


IFTTT Works On If/Then Statements


IFTTT stands for “If Then Then That”. The whole purpose of IFTTT is to create if/then statements. Basically when something occurs (the ‘if’) IFTTT causes something to happen (the ‘then that’). For example; a new RSS feed item appears, IFTTT will syndicate that content to the other connected services. Each if/then statement is known as a recipe.

There’s different elements that you can use to customize the actions. What elements are available depends on the different services. Some examples of different elements might be a title, body, username, URL and more.

Some services can only work as triggers. For example; RSS feeds can’t be modified directly. Therefore an RSS can only work as a trigger in a recipe. Some services can only be used for actions and not for triggers. Skype is a good example. You can’t make something happen through Skype interaction, but you can use IFTTT to post a Skype message based on a trigger.


Use IFTTT To Automatically Import Content Into WordPress Blogs

If you’re running an adult WordPress site, IFTTT can be used to automatically import content as blog posts. There’s tons of adult affiliate networks that offer RSS feeds for their new content. Some of these feeds contain blogish style content, while others allow you to import photo or video content. Depending on the theme you’re using, you might have to find a plugin to auto-generate featured images.

It’s also possible to insert your own HTML directly into the automation. This enables you to add some extra content to make your posts more unique than all the other syndicated posts. This can help avoid duplicate content penalties and help with your SEO.

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Use IFTTT For Social Media Automation

IFTTT is also very useful for automating social media. Automating social media is a great way to drive traffic without having to do all the manual posting. IFTTT supports all the leading social media sites. Keep in mind that some of them aren’t adult-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them to drive traffic. You just got to be careful. Here’s some of the ways you can use IFTTT to automate your adult social media handles.


Automating Twitter Posting – Twitter is a huge social media site and one of the adult-friendly ones. Twitter can also be fully automated via IFTTT. There’s multiple ways you can do this. You can snag affiliate RSS feeds and send traffic directly to the affiliate offers. You can also grab your own RSS feeds and send traffic to your site(s). There’s also the time and date recipe. This means that you can setup generic tweets that will occur periodically on certain days of the month, ect.

One tip when creating an IFTTT Twitter handle is to use multiple RSS feeds. That allows you to change things up slightly with each recipe. This will help keep your tweets from looking too templated or spammy.


Automating Tumblr Posting – Tumblr is a gold-mine for adult affiliate marketers. NSFW Tumblr is real popular. Tumblr also allows you to modify the HTML of the themes. This allows you to place affiliate banners directly onto your Tumblr blog. Tumblr is also a lot more search-friendly than many of the other social networks. This means you can take advantage of Google traffic, in addition to Tumblr’s internal search.

The one major flaw of IFTTT / Tumblr recipes is that you can’t set a click-through link on syndicated photo posts. You can add a link to the photo description, but it’s much more effective if the traffic can click directly on the photo. By having banners and links on the theme template, you can use the photos to drive visits to your blog, and monetize the traffic that way.

One very creative workaround for this, is to use IFTTT to populate a WordPress photo blog. You can install the NextScripts plugin on your site, which is also very useful for automating social media. Unlike IFTTT, you can set a click-through link on Tumblr image posts. By doing a little bit of work getting the recipes right, you can also optimize the WordPress photo blog for search and take advantage of search engine traffic as well.

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Automating Facebook Posting – Although Facebook isn’t adult-friendly, you can still use the social media site to drive traffic. You just have to be very careful about how you do it. One rule is to never post any nudity or anything incredibly sexual. Also, don’t post links to anything containing nudity and highly sexual material.

One route you can go is to have a branded page, but just post SFW content. This allows you to build awareness, and hopefully drive traffic through Google searches. People will find your page, want to see the hardcore stuff and Google your brand / website name. Although the traffic isn’t being driven directly from Facebook, it’s still using Facebook marketing in order to drive that traffic.

Another route is to run a niche site(s) that are sexual in nature, but not necessarily NSFW. Lingerie, hot girls, but no nudity or sex. These sites can work as gateway sites to your adult networks. Because none of the content violates Facebook’s guidelines, you can (usually) syndicate all the site content to your Facebook page, and include links to your site.

If you’re going this route, one recipe to consider is matching Pinterest with Facebook. This way, you can simply pin the SFW content via Pinterest and have it automatically post to Facebook (and other social media sites). Pinterest is another great traffic source that doesn’t allow for adult content. That doesn’t mean you can’t post photos of sexy babes on the site.


Use IFTTT To Get Email Announcements About Adult Companies

IFTTT can also be used to keep up with all the different adult sites or affiliate networks. Assuming they have a blog with an RSS feed, you can automatically get Gmail updates every time a new blog post is added. This is great for knowing when a new site or content is added. Most networks are very good about sending out emails with all this information, but not all of them. For those that don’t, but actively blog, this is a great way to make sure you never miss a blog post from them. I personally use this feature a lot.


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