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Adult Webmasters: Choosing Fetishes and Building Niche Sites

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re looking to get started as an adult webmaster and deciding how to best go about it. When building out your adult site, you can either build something general, broad and comprehensive, or something niche and targeted. There’s tons of benefits to going for niche sites instead of broad general sites.

“Niche” means that it’s focusing on a specific fetish. There’s tons of different fetishes to choose from. There are probably even fetishes that you didn’t know existed. When creating a niche site, you’ll purchase a domain name with keywords dealing with that particular fetish. You’ll then find affiliate content (or embeddable content) that caters to that fetish. Finally, you’ll find the right affiliate offers or advertisers promoting paysites catering to that fetish. Here’s all the details on picking out a niche and building out your niche site.


Building A Niche Site Vs Building A Broader / General Site

As mentioned above, there’s some major advantages to going with a niche site instead of a broader site. The only real advantage of going with a general / broad adult site, is that you only need to do linkbuilding to a single domain instead of multiple. It’s also only one site that has to be maintained and updated. Even though you’re only having to do linkbuilding to a single site, it’s still easier to SEO niche sites. That’s because the domain name, backlinks, internal links, site content and everything else is geared towards a single fetish. In fact, sub-niche sites perform even better, although you have to make sure there’s enough content available to even build them out. Here’s some thoughts behind why niche sites perform better.


Niche Sites Are Easier To SEO

The main advantage of going with an insanely niche site is the SEO benefits. A niche site will always be easier to SEO than a general site. That is because all of the content is geared towards a single fetish, and the keywords associated with that fetish. you’ll want a keyword-rich domain name, optimized header text, keyword rich backlinks (even ‘branded’ backlinks will be keyword rich) and keyword rich internal links.

Also, be mindful of your internal linking structure. For example; category pages are great for SEO on sub-niches. Maybe you’re creating a Latina niche site and have a ‘Big Tits’ category page. It’s going to be easy to SEO that category page for search terms such as ‘Latina with big boobs’. If you want to get really crazy about it, you can always make a sub-niche site specifically for busty Latinas.

It’s reasons such as the example above and the talking points in the first paragraph that make niche sites easier to SEO. Keep in mind that you can also linkwheel your different niche sites together. This is especially true if they’re sub-niche and your linked-to sites have some cross-over between fetishes. When linkwheeling, you want to be careful not to get out of control about it, as Google frowns on this stuff. You also want to provide suggested sites that your traffic will be interested in.

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Niche Sites Can Be Paired With Niche Affiliate Offers

The other major advantage of niche sites is that they have way better conversion rates. With broad / general sites, it’s hard to use effective sitewide banners, pop-under scripts and other ad types. Someone might be coming to your site looking for a very specific piece of content. If the ads they’re bombarded with are not catering to the type of fetish they’re after, they have a way lower chance of converting.

By pairing niche ads with niche traffic, you’re increasing the relevancy of the offers you’re promoting. You’re suggesting advertisers that are producing and offering the type of content your traffic is interested in. The more sub-niche you can get this, the more relevant things become. Matching niche offers to niche traffic isn’t something that’s unique to the adult industry. This is something that is true with affiliate marketing and internet monetization in general.

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Niche Sites Have Greater Appeal To Niche Traffic

I’ve written in other places about how people looking for adult content will actually dig 10-20 pages through search results to find exactly what they’re looking for. Even if you’re not ranked close to the top, you’ll still get traffic if you’re providing something that they want. When you’ve got a domain name, meta data and content all geared towards a specific fetish, it’s a clear indicator about what your site is about. If you’re the only person (or the first in the SERPs) who portrays that message, you’ll get traffic, even if you’re way far below 1st page on Google.


Publisher Network Ads Perform Better On Niche Sites

Affiliate offers aren’t the only forms of internet monetization that performs better on niche sites. If you’re using publisher / advertiser networks for monetization, they will also perform better. That is because the network tries very hard to pair the correct publishers with the correct advertisers. This is why the network will ask you what category your site falls into when you add a new domain.

When the network is able to pair the best possible advertisers for your site, more relevant ads will be featured. This will tremendously increase the click-through rates. If the network prices their ads out by PPC (opposed to CPM) that means you’ll make much more money than you would if the ads didn’t match the fetishes of your site.

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Catering To Specific Fetishes Makes Social Media Easier

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your adult site. You can also use social media to send traffic directly to affiliate offers. Outside of driving traffic, social networks provide NoFollow backlinks (DoFollow on Tumblr), which still has an impact on SEO. The user metrics from the referred traffic also has an SEO impact. By having social media handles catering to specific fetishes, you increase the relevancy for your followers. Even if the niche social media handles don’t have as many followers a piece, they still could be more effective for marketing purposes.

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Scaling To Different / Multiple Niches

Remember that you can be running multiple niche sites. It’s not like you have to choose one fetish and only promote that single fetish. It’s possible to create an unlimited number of adult sites. If you go the multi-site route, scaling is a major issue you should be concerned about. It is much more effective to scale one site up to the point where it’s comprehensive, has traffic and is profitable, than it is to try scaling up multiple sites simultaneously. I know it’s tempting to try to be comprehensive and cover everything industry-wide, but take a step back, breath, and focus on one project at a time. You’ll thank yourself for that later.


Where To Find Content To Build Your Adult Sites

Now that we’ve talked about all the benefits of running a niche site, let’s talk about building it. Before you can begin, there’s one thing you need; content. Luckily, there are producers that will provide the content for you.  Many affiliate programs offer zipped photo or video content sets that can be downloaded and used to build out your site. You can also embed video content from a wide range of sources. Here are all the different places you can find content to build out your adult website.


Affiliate Programs Offering Photo / Video Content

Affiliate programs should be the main place you go for content. Not only will these programs give you content to use, but also the banners and other promotional tools to monetize the traffic. Most adult affiliate programs offer a generous lifetime revshare. Whenever possible, you want to go with revshare, as you’ll make more money off it in the longrun. If the affiliate program doesn’t offer zipped content, they most likely offer free hosted galleries, embeddable videos and other content you can use to build out your site.

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Tube Sites With Embed Codes

Pretty much every single adult tube site will offer an embed code for their videos. You’re able to simply copy and paste the embed code into your site, and the video will appear in that location. Many tuber sites also offer XML, CSV, zip files and other methods of mass-importing the videos (or deleting removed videos) from your site. Developers have also created scripts to work with these formats to save you the hardlifting of having to code a method to import these files.

The major benefit of using tube sites over uploading the actual video files, is that you save on bandwidth. This is because the content and the player is actually hosted by the tube site and not by you. There’s also less concern about legal issues such as copyright, 2257, ect.

The major disadvantage is that videos often get deleted from tube sites. If a video gets deleted from a tube site, it’ll be a broken embed on your site. This creates a horrible user-experience and requires time to verify that the videos uploaded are still good and working.


User Generated Content (UGC)

User generated content (UGC) is when users are able to register for a site and add their own content. Tube sites are perfect examples of UGC in the adult industry. Professional studio upload their own promotional teaser videos to these sites. Users (although often illegally) also upload videos to these sites. Whenever you got users uploading content, you’re basically outsourcing the entire content strategy, which saves you time and money. However, you have to moderate content, reply to DMCA requests and make sure no other illegal activity is occurring on your site. This can often get very tedious and brings with it certain liabilities.

Another great example of UGC in the adult industry is forums. Forums are insanely simple and easy to deploy. Pretty much everyone is familiar with how message boards work. Just like tube sites, these do have to be moderated though. You’ll have spammy SEOs trying to use the forums for linkbuilding, people flagging inappropriate content and you’ll have to deal with similar DMCA and 2257 compliance issues.

With social CMS, it’s possible to create your very own social media network, complete with friend requests, news feeds and all the bells and whistles you’d expect on a social media site. Installing a social media CMS is pretty much just as simple as installing WordPress. The major difference is there’s not as many 3rd party developers, so expect to have to hand-code or outsource if you want to add or modify specific features or functionality.

Porn-pinning sites like is another great example of UGC. There’s multiple scripts out there that you can use to create your own photo or video pinning sites. Just like everything else, it’ll have to be moderated and you might have to deal with DMCA requests. These sites tend to fare a little better, as there’s attribution links and click-through to the original content source.


Produce Your Own Adult Content

The last option is to simply create your own content. Whether it’s you being featured in it, or you start a studio. This route requires some overhead. If you’re just doing solo content (featuring you) you’ll only need the production equipment, hosting, any props, toys, outfits, ect. and anything else needed for the actual production. If you’re featuring other performers, you’re either paying them out or coming up with a different studio agreement. Then there’s also the legal issues; 2257 compliance, model agreement forms, ect.

This route is probably nothing that the majority of the readers here are willing to consider, but for the sake of being comprehensive, I went ahead and mentioned the idea. If you are producing, you’re probably going to be making a paysite, which has the added challenges of integrating an adult-friendly payment processor and a members-only area into your site.

The good news? There’s tons of other ways you can monetize your content, outside of premium memberships!

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How To Decide What Adult Fetishes To Promote

Now that we’ve gone over the benefits of running a niche site, and where to find content to build it, let’s discuss how to choose what fetishes to promote. Keep in mind, that it’s always possible to promote multiple fetishes and build multiple sites. Still, there’s tons of different things to consider when choosing your first fetish, or any additional ones after that. Here’s what you should think about when deciding whether a fetish is feasible or not.


Is there Enough Content Available To Build Out A Site?

It would be great to jump into the “Korean Teens With One Leg and Glasses” fetish, but I doubt there’s very much of that content, if any. Although that would be a textbook example of sub-sub-sub-niche, and if you were able to build out that site, I guarantee you there would be no competition. Might not even be anyone really looking for that stuff. Who knows.

Point being, a fetish is only feasible if there’s enough content available to actually build out a niche site.  If there’s not enough content to make a comprehensive site, it’s not feasible. Nobody wants to only be able to pick and choose between 1-5 galleries and/or videos. They want to be able to browse feeds, see what’s new, do a site search, browse the category pages, and so on.

Before jumping into a niche or sub-niche, do some research and see if there’s enough producers, and that those producers offer content that can be used to build your website.


Are There Good Quality Affiliate Programs For That Fetish?

Another important question to ask is whether there’s decent affiliate offers for that fetish. You can be able to build out the largest niche site on the face of the planet. It won’t perform too insanely good if all the affiliate programs available don’t perform well. It’s obviously hard to tell what will perform good or not until you test it. What you can determine is whether the affiliate networks in the niche have good commission-structures, and if there’s plenty of programs available to test against each other.

Even if there aren’t any good affiliate programs, you can always monetize through publisher / advertiser networks. This will make you money, and could definitely be good money, but when done correctly, affiliate marketing will always be more profitable.


Is It A Fetish You Personally Enjoy?

This is an important one and something that a lot of webmasters don’t put enough thought into. Do you personally like the content? You’re going to be spending a lot of time uploading photos and videos, writing titles, writing descriptions, building category pages, sharing content via social media, and so on. This is going to be a lot more fun, enjoyable and hot if you’re dealing with content that you personally enjoy. Otherwise, it’s going to feel insanely repetitive. Hell, even if you enjoy it, it’ll probably get repetitive, but not nearly as much.

Think about it; if you’re not a fan of gay content (which most straight men aren’t) would you want to be working with gay content all day? If you’re gay (or like gay content) then the gay niche could definitely be for you.


How Competitive Is The Niche?

Another very relevant question. And this one is usually a double-sided sword. If it’s competitive, there’s most likely more traffic. However, it’s going to be harder to rank and build up traffic. Do some Googling for the keywords for the fetishes you’re considering. Look at the sites on the top search pages. How many sites are there? How old are the sites? What’s their domain authority? How much content do they have?

Those are all indicators that can help you determine how competitive the niche is. You might decide that it’s too competitive and it’s better to consider a different niche instead. Another route to go for very competitive fetishes is to look at the sub-niches available. For example; if you decide Big Tits is too competitive, look at how many people have sites dedicated to Big Tit Brunettes. Claiming that sub-niche could be your first step to establishing a foothold in the larger Big Tit fetish.


How Much Traffic Does That Niche Get?

There’s tons of tools offered by Google, like Google Trends and the AdSense keyword planner, for example. These tools can give you an idea of the monthly search volume for the different fetishes. They can also give you insight on what type of search phrases within the niche that people are actually using. This can help you in deciding the most valuable keywords and search phrases to target. You want a niche with good amounts of traffic. Keep in mind that traffic doesn’t always mean profitability, however. In fact, with a lower volume, the traffic usually becomes more valuable, as everyone is competing harder to get it. Kind of like other commodities, in a way.


Different Types Of Websites You Can Build

Okay, now that we’ve covered everything there is to consider when selecting the types of fetishes you want to promote, let’s discuss the different websites you can put together! Here are examples of the different type of sites that you can build and monetize. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list. Be creative and maybe you’ll end up revolutionizing the industry and creating the next chapter in adult web development.


Video / Tube-Style Sites

Tube sites. Everyone knows about tube sites and they keep becoming more and more popular. It’s never been easier to create your own, too. In fact, there’s plenty of CMS dedicated to easily deploying your very own Pornhub-style site. These CMS will have all the bells and whistles you’d expect; user and studio accounts, branded channels, the ability to upload, create playlists, tag videos, comment on videos, ect. Some will even allow you to easily import content already uploaded to the most popular tube site networks.


Photo Gallery Sites

Photo galleries are less hosting intensive than video sites. There’s also some affiliate programs that only provide promotional photo content and no downloadable video content. To promote those networks, you’ll need a gallery site. There’s multiple ways to go about this; you can invest in a photo gallery CMS, convert a WordPress blog into a gallery site, code your own with thumbnails and click-through to larger images and so on. It could even be as simple as a collection of thumbnails linking to affiliate FHGs.


Niche Affiliate Blogs

Blogging is great for SEO. In fact, there’s a great chance that an adult blog could be better for targeting longtails than other forms of adult sites. That is because blogs require a lot of text. Search engines like the text more than the videos or photos. That is because text is easier for them to understand than media. Blogs are also low bandwidth, as there’s less visual assets being loaded. Blogs can also be used for linkbuilding to the other adult sites you’re running.

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Whitelabeled Camming Sites

Whitelabeling is where you rebrand an existing product as your own. There are tons of adult whitelabeled sites available. These include live camming networks, tube sites, dating sites and more. With whitelabels, the network handles all the hosting, updating, technical side of things and all other aspects of running the site. You simply design your whitelabeled version, make the domain name point towards the host and promote your whitelabeled versions. Most whitelabels offer a revshare on all money spent on your version.

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Adult Forums and Communities

Whether you’re creating a forum, social media site or something else. This is the best way to cash in on UGC. Running forums and communities is great because the content strategy is insanely simple; let people post content, discuss and interact. Sites like these are also great, because people will keep coming back for the interaction aspect of it. The downside is that they require tons of moderation.


Monetize Your Niche Sites

Now that we’ve discussed the different sites we can build, lets talk about how we monetize the content. There’s multiple ways to go about this. Some are more effective than others. Keep in mind, you can leverage multiple methods of monetization on a single site. Here’s how to make money off your adult website.


Adult Affiliate Networks

We’ve discussed affiliate marketing a lot in this post. That is because affiliate programs also provide promotional content that is used to build out the niche sites. It’s expected that webmasters display affiliate banners with the content that’s provided. You can also put the top performing banners up as site-wide advertisements. Many adult affiliate programs will also offer other ad types, such as pop-unders, page-peels, IM ads and more.

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Publisher / Advertiser Adult Ad Networks

There’s tons of adult publisher / advertiser networks out there. These sites connect website owners with advertisers looking to buy traffic. You ad a code snippet into your site where you want the advertisement to appear. Advertisers bid on that ad spot and the advertiser that bids the most gets featured on the site. In addition to display ads, there’s also pop-unders, redirect scripts, page-peels, IM ads and other ad types available for publishers.

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Premium Content / Members Only Section

This one is a little bit more difficult. In order to do this, you’ll either need to produce the premium content, or purchase the rights to redistribute it. An affiliate program isn’t going to give you content and allow you to charge a premium subscription to access it. That content is meant for promotional purposes. You’ll also have to create the members only area and integrate with adult-friendly payment processors. Building a pay site is still very much an option for monetization, however.


Ready To Build Your Website? Get Started Now!

We’ve got a section of this site dedicated to the different scripts and CMS available to webmasters. It’ll give you all the details and information you need to get started as an adult webmaster. Whether you’re trying to create a tube site, gallery site, paysite, affiliate blog or something different. The page contains links to additional resources on the different CMS as well as best practices for being successful as an adult webmaster.

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