Make Money Off Adult WordPress Photoblogging


Method To Make Money Off Adult WordPress Photo Blogging

This is a quick and easy method to make money off WordPress photo blogs. The beauty of this method is that it is insanely easy to throw together. We’re also going to be using a couple other adult-friendly networks, which can all be automated through the WordPress site. There’s also several ways to put the WordPress posting itself on autopilot, which I’ll explain at the end. This method can be duplicated with an unlimited number of WordPress sites. Here’s all the details.


Step 1) Install and Configure WordPress

Before you begin, you’ll need to register a domain(s), setup the hosting and install WordPress. If you already have this, or know how to do all this, great. You’re ahead of the game. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, we’ve got a guide for creating a WordPress porn site. It’ll go over everything you need to know in great detail. Some of the things might sound technical, but it’s all really quite simple. The guide will also link to some very valuable pages, such as our list of adult WordPress plugins and themes.


Step 2) Register For Affiliate Programs With Photo Content

We’ll also need to register for the proper affiliate programs. You’ll need to pick out affiliate programs that provide photo content for promotion. There’s tons to choose from. Check out our list of adult affiliate programs to see what’s available. It’ll indicate if the program gives webmasters content for promotion.

For the best results, you’ll want to create niche web properties. For example; if you choose Big Tits, you’ll want to select big tit affiliate networks, domain names and create niche big tits social media handles (covered below). You don’t have to be limited to a single domain. It’s best to be running multiple niche photoblogs than one big general blog. Especially with the social media marketing component, explained below.


Step 3) Setup Tumblr Blog and Connect To WordPress

You’ll want to setup a Tumblr blog. Tumblr is an adult-friendly social media site. Tumblr is awesome, because you can also monetize the platform itself. Tumblr allows the customization of the themes, meaning you can add affiliate links and banners directly to your Tumblr blog. You can also use Tumblr to drive traffic to your site, which we’re going to be doing. Remember to make sure that the Tumblr blog you setup matches the fetishes of the WordPress sites and affiliate programs.

We’ll also be automating the Tumblr posting through WordPress. I would highly recommend NextScripts for this, especially since they allow you to create click-through links for photo posts. NextScripts also will use the WordPress tags and categories to create hashtags. IFTTT is another option, and is easier to setup, but not quite as effective.

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Step 4) Setup A Twitter Handle and Connect To WordPress

We’ll also be using Twitter for affiliate marketing. Same process as setting up a Tumblr blog. Twitter doesn’t allow for modification of HTML, but you can still add a website link. Make sure the Twitter handle matches the fetishes of the WordPress site and affiliate programs. Just like Tumblr, we’re going to be automating Twitter through either NextScripts or IFTTT. Once again, NextScripts is preferred, but takes more time to configure.


Step 5) Register And Setup A Account

And last but not least, we’ll be registering a account. This is the easiest of them all. We don’t need a 3rd party service to automate this. allows you to submit an RSS feed, banner artwork and website link. Grab the RSS feed from the WordPress site and punch it into With the website link and banner, you’ve got options; you can either send the traffic directly to an affiliate offer, or to your website. Keep in mind, this is for the banner click-through and the website link on the profile. All the pins will send traffic to your photoblog, in addition to generating banner clicks.

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Step 6) Start Creating WordPress Photo Posts

Now it’s as simple as starting to blog. Upload one photo per blog post. Create a good title, as this has potential of generating good longtail search engine traffic. Change up the title for <h2> text, and place that right below the photo. Now create a short little blurb describing the photo. Below that, place a banner link for the affiliate program that content came from.

When you hit Publish, not only will it create the blog post, but a Tumblr photo post, a tweet and it’ll be added to All those platforms will help drive traffic back to your site, and both Tumblr and can be monetized directly as well.


How This Method Is Monetized

Affiliate marketing is the obvious method for monetization. It’s also very much required to get the content. I would also highly recommend running other adult pop-unders and other ad types. Whether you choose an affiliate banner or a publisher / advertiser network banner for the site-wide real estate is completely up to you. Going with an ad network might be more effective if you’re primarily targeting social media traffic and not search engine traffic. I’ve found that sometimes referral social media traffic doesn’t convert the best, but with ad networks, you get paid per impression or click.


Now Put It All On Autopilot

Once you’ve got the site built (and I’m talking several hundred posts at least) it’s time to put it on autopilot. This is done with plugins. There are multiple plugins that allow you to refresh the posts on a WordPress blog. If you’re using RSS-driven automations, this will work beautifully. I’ve found that sometimes NextScripts will post these refreshed posts and sometimes it won’t.

The core concept is simple. You’re basically triggering the social media automations. This is why it’s better to have more content when doing this. Having more content will help keep your social media accounts from looking like they’re posting duplicate content.


It’s All About Paring Niche Sites, Handles and Offers

I’ve said this multiple times and I’ll say it again; It’s all about pairing the right niche offers with niche sites and niche social media handles. This isn’t just for this particular money making method. This is true in affiliate marketing in general. Especially anything involving automations. Your social media already runs the risk of looking spammy every time you rely solely on automation. If you’re not going to put the due-dilligence into doing it yourself, might as well at least make sure that everything being posted is exactly what the follower wants to see.

Niche sites are also easier to SEO and niche social media handles are easier to get quality followers from. Everything just works better if you can get as niche as possible. If you can start diving into some incredible sub-niches, that might even be more effective. Just remember, with that comes more work


Use These Sites To Build Links To Other Adult Sites

You can also use these photoblogs to build links to your other adult sites or whitelabels. Building links doesn’t only drive traffic, it also helps your other sites with SEO. Also, you can get the same visitors with multiple pop-unders this way. You can also linkwheel all your different niche photoblogging sites together, to drive traffic between them all.


This Process Can Be Scaled Up Indefinitely

The great thing about this method is that it can be scaled up indefinitely. You can always create multiple photoblogs. You can also add additional photo content to your established photo blogs at a later date. It’s recommended to start with one fetish, build it up until it’s going strong, and then start on another. Don’t try to get too carried away by trying to start too many blogs at once. I’ve found it’s better to get one of these profitable before scaling up any others.