AdultSiteBroker: Buy and Sell Adult Companies and Websites


AdultSiteBroker: Buy and Sell Adult Websites

AdultSiteBroker is a company that specializes in the sale of adult businesses and websites. If you’re looking to sell your adult website or business, AdultSiteBroker. If you’re looking to jump into the industry but don’t want to start from scratch, AdultSiteBroker can help with that as well. Here’s all the details on brokering businesses through their platform.


Selling Adult Websites / Businesses

Selling an adult site on AdultSiteBroker is easy. Just provide the financials on your company and any other pertinent data and AdultSiteBroker does the rest. Their principals have been in the adult industry for over 16 years. They know all of the key players in the adult space, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be difficult with the proper information about your business.

How The Site Selling Process Works:

  1. You send in financials from the last 3 years along with an NDA (available on site).
  2. AdultSiteBroker assesses the value of the property based on financials and traffic.
  3. A broker agreement gets drafted and AdultSiteBroker works to sell your business.


Over 9,000 Recipient Email List

AdultSiteBroker has an email list of over 9,000 email recipients that are used to promote the property (as a blind listing, in other words, until the potential buyer signs an NDA, they do not tell them the identity of the property or any other specific information).


Buying Adult Websites / Businesses

Buying an adult website on AdultSiteBroker is easy. Many adult website and company owners are looking to sell. This is your opportunity to get into the exciting world of the adult industry without having to build a website and ramp up traffic and sales. Whether it’s a paysite, tube site, affiliate program, dating site, cam site or premium domain, their experts will find what you’re looking for and get you good value for your investment.


AdultSiteBroker Referral Program: 5-10% of Sale

AdultSiteBroker also offers a referral program for anyone who knows of someone interested in selling their adult business. If you know the decision-maker responsible for the sale and perform the introduction, AdultSiteBroker will award you a referral fee of 10% out of their broker commission. If you just have heard the site is for sale and don’t know the owners, they will pay 5%.


AdultFlipp: Self-Service Site Marketplace

AdultFlipp is a self-served platform for web properties under the value of $50,000. With AdultFlipp, domains can either be auctioned off to the highest bidder or sold. After a web property has been purchased, AdultFlipp provides escrow services during the transaction. After the transaction is completed, the domain is handed over to the purchasing party. There is a 10% fee (min $49 / max $5,000) that the seller pays to AdultFlipp upon successful sale of the site.