AVN Stars: Fanclub Platform, Clip Store and Social Network


AVN Stars Information For Pornstars and Studios

AVN Stars is a a platform that is developed by the news outlet and adult industry expo AVN. AVN Stars is primarily a fanclub platform, enabling performers and producers to charge a monthly subscription rate to access their premium content. In addition to fanclub subscriptions, models can also make money from clip sales, pay-per-view messages and tributes. AVN Stars also doubles as a social network, wiht free posts (any users can make posts) followers and messaging. AVN Stars is also highly integrated into AVN, including the nominations and voting for the annual AVN Awards.


What’s Required To Get Started On AVN Stars

Anyone (18+) can register an AVN Stars account and use it as a social network and to nominate / vote in AVN. In order to be able to charge for services, models must submit a digital cop of ID and a W9. Anyone 18+ can register as a model account and take advantage of all the monetization options. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.


Making Money On AVN Stars

Here’s all the information on making money on AVN Stars


AVN Stars Models Earn 80%

AVN Stars models earn an 80% cut of all transactions that occur on the site. This includes fanclub subscriptions, clip sales, pay-per-view messages and tributes. In addition to the 80% cut on all services being offered, there’s a referral program for performers. For each new performer / producer referred to the site, the affiliate will earn a 5% lifetime revshare on all their earnings.


Receiving Payouts: Payment methods, Frequency and Minimums

Payouts are made on-demand via the Withdrawal button within the Payout section. You choose how often you get paid, but there is a seven-day hold between the initial payment to your account and when you can withdraw the funds. The minimum amount for a payout is $25. Cashouts are made via ACH or Paxum.


Get Paid Offering These Services

Here’s all the services models can offer on AVN Stars


Running A Subscription-Based Fanclub

The primary focus of AVN Stars is fanclub subscriptions. When creating a post or uploading content, performers are able to indicate whether the content is public or private. Public content is available to everyone. To access the private content, the site members must subscribe on a monthly basis. In order to keep accessing the content, members must renew the monthly subscription rate every month. The minimum subscription rate is $2 per month, but can be be priced as high as the performer wants it. $8-$15 is the industry standard for fanclub subscriptions.

Premium fanclubs are lucrative because they create a residual income that can easily be scaled up. $8-$10 doesn’t sound like much, but it starts becoming decent money once you start getting into the hundreds and thousands of subscribers. As long as the fanclub is regularly being updated with quality content, the subscriber levels should be ramping up month over month, increasing the revenue as the subscriber count scales.


Selling Individual Videos On AVN Stars

AVN Stars also supports the sale of individual videos. You can find the Clip Store by visiting your profile page, and clicking the Store tab. From there, simply drag your exclusive content to upload, set individual prices for the videos and share with your fans. Make the most of your AVN Stars account by adding the Clip Store to your repertoire!


Sending Locked DMs / Pay-Per-View Messages

Another way to make money through AVN Stars is through sending pay-per-view messages. The concept is simple: Use the messaging system to compose a message, upload some content and set the price. When the recipients receive the DM they’ll be prompted to pay to unlock it and access the content. Pay-Per-View messages is a great way to offer fans and subscribers premium clips that are longer and higher quality than what is normally uploaded to a fanclub (think clip site quality content).


Receiving Tips and Tributes

AVN Stars performers can also receive tips from members. Tips are a way for members to spoil performers outside of the content being sold and the services being offered.


How To Use AVN Stars For Promotion

AVN Stars also doubles as a social network. Here’s how to use the site for promotion


Public Post / Social Feeds

AVN Stars also doubles as a social media site. Anyone (18+) can register and post public content to their public feed. Verified models can also use the public feed to promote their products and services available on AVN Stars and elsewhere. Outside of followers and social media feeds, there’s the Explore tab, which let’s users find content uploaded by AVN publishers. Surfers can further filter the content by Stories, Videos, Photos, Store, Live, Top Models and the main feed


AVN Stars Direct Messages and Mass-Messaging

AVN Stars has a built in messaging system. Site members can use this feature to communicate 1-on-1 with each other. There’s also a mass messaging feature, where members can select all recipients to blast a message to everyone. Mass messaging is a great way to directly push a marketing message to everyone in your network, whether subscriber or follower. The messaging system can also be monetized directly through pay-per-view messages.


24 Hour Stories on AVN Stars

AVN Stars also has a stories feature, similar to what’s available on social media sites such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Stories only last for 24 hours, at which point they expire and disappear. On the explore tab, current stories are displayed as the traditional circles above the rest of the site content.


More AVN Stars Features

Here are the additional features available on AVN Stars


Producer / Model Referral Program: 5% Revshare

AVN Stars has a referral program available for all members of the site. The referral program pays a 5% lifetime revshare on the earnings of all new performers and producers referred to the site. The affiliate program is very basic. There’s a promotional link. The tracking parameters can also be added to the end of any URL and the referrals will still track. There is no banners or other promotional tools available.


AVN Awards Nominees and Voting

AVN hosts one of the most prestigious adult industry award shows each year during their Adult Entertainment Expo. Since the implementation of AVN Stars, AVN has started doing the nominations and voting through the platform. This is a cool feature, as it means any fans casting votes will have an AVN Stars account, many of which will use it to keep in touch and subscribe to their favorite performers.


Integration Into AVN New Site

AVN Stars is also integrated into various parts of the main AVN news site. Most notably at the very top of the homepage, where a number of performer avatars are listed, linking to their AVN Stars profiles. This is another way AVN uses their main sites and products to drive traffic and exposure to model profiles on AVN Stars.


Broadcasting Live On AVN Stars

AVN Stars supports the ability to broadcast live on the site. When going live there are multiple options. It’s possible to broadcast publicly, to followers only or to subscribers only. Through the different options it’s possible to use the broadcast feature as an additional subscriber / membership perk, or to reach non-subscribers as a form of promotion.


Signup For AVN Stars Today!

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