How To Become A Camming Model


Become An Adult Webcam Model

Interested in becoming a webcam model? Getting started with camming is easy. As long as you’re eighteen years old or older, you’re able to make money performing on cam. All genders are accepted, and instead of a hiring process, it’s simply an age verification process. Make money working from home and only working the hours you want. Here’s everything you need to know about becoming an adult webcam model.


What’s Required To Get Started?

All camming models need to be eighteen years old or older. You’ll need to verify your age before you can start performing. There’s also some equipment requirements. You’ll need a webcam. It’s possible to get started with a built-in laptop webcam, but you’ll make a lot more money broadcasting in HD, so it’s highly recommended that you do so. You’ll also need a computer. The hardware requirements vary based on site, but most run on flash. If you’re computer runs flash, it should be fine.


How Much Do Webcam Models Make?

It’s possible to make great money as a webcam model, but there’s no guaranteed income. Everything is performance-based. You’re able to set your own rates for shows, but you’re responsible for earning your own money. It’s also important to note that the networks take a percentage of the revenue.

A couple thousand dollars per month is feasible, and 10’s of thousands is possible, but requires drive and ambition. Also keep in mind that it’s possible to work part-time or full-time, and most of the highest earning models are also offering other services, likeĀ selling homemade porn.

Having good looks is definitely an advantage, but camming is highly interactive and personality also plays a huge role in a model’s success. Models with a larger following and customer-base are generally more successful, so your profits should ramp-up as you start getting fans and regular customers.


Sites Hiring Camming Models

There are many different camming sites hiring models. The features, payout percentage and traffic will vary from site to site. There’s no “Best site”, and one model might perform better on a different site than other models. Here are the leading camming sites that you can work on.



Chaturbate: Leading Adult Camming Site

Chaturbate is arguably the largest camming site. At least for North America (BongaCams has better global traffic). BongaCams also has great pay and tons of great features, including an app store that adds special features to your camming chatroom. Chaturbate accepts all genders (female, male, transgender) and even allows performers to make additional money from referring new customers or models.

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BongaCams: Best Global Traffic

BongaCams is the camming site with the best global traffic, especially when it comes to Russia and Eastern Europe. BongaCams has great USA / Western traffic as well. BongaCams features great pay and features as well. In addition to camming, make money from selling videos directly from your profile page. BongaCams accepts all genders, and provides a referral program for performers.

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CamSoda: Revolutionizing VR Camming

CamSoda is a camming site that is revolutionizing VR. Not only are they offering VR camming, but they’ve ran a VR camming house, VR MMA events and have integrated with telidildonics and sex dolls for a VR experience that nobody can offer. CamSoda features good traffic, good pay and a clean user experience.

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Stripchat: Camming Site By XHamster

Stripchat is a camming site developed by the popular tube site XHamster. Performers on Stripchat will also be featured on the XHamster version of the site. The company also owns a traffic network, meaning that they’re able to tap into the traffic generated by their network of publishers. Stripchat has competitive pay, good traffic and accepts all genders.

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LiveJasmin: Leading Camming Site

If you haven’t heard of LiveJasmin, you haven’t watched enough porn. LiveJasmin pop-ads is the way most people have found out that live webcam shows are even a thing. Needliness to say, LiveJasmin has some serious name-recognition. The camming site features some amazing traffic and clean interface. LiveJasmin accepts all genders (female, male, transgender).

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Can All Genders Become Models?

Yes, all genders can make money as a webcam model. This includes transgenders. It’s important to realize that some networks are female-only, or have other gender restrictions. Be sure to make sure that your site supports your gender before signing up. The vast majority of the sites allow for all genders (as well as couples and groups), so this shouldn’t be too big of a concern.


Performing With A Partner

If you’re interested in performing with your boyfriend/girlfriend, that is completely possible. Keep in mind that not all networks allow couple camming, but the vast majority of them do. When performing with a partner, it’s important to realize that everyone you’re camming with needs to have their age verified as well. The process of this varies from site to site, so make sure to reach out to your site’s support and ask to go about adding a partner to your account.


Do Camming Models Pay Taxes?

Yes, camming models do have to pay taxes. If you’re located in the United States, you’ll have to provide a W9 when registering for any of the sites, and will receive a 1099 before tax time. Because it’s “Contract Work”, there’s no withholding money for taxes. Webcam models are expected to take that into consideration when planning for tax time. Sometimes, European networks will not provide tax information to the IRS. It’s expected that the model tracks that income, as it’s still taxable.


How To Promote Your Camming Shows

There are many ways to promote your adult webcam shows. The most effective way is to stand out on the camming sites you’re performing on. That means having a good profile, avatar, and other artwork. This will help people find your profile, and having good looking images will make your profile more clickable in search.

Social media is a camming models best friend, and networks like Twitter and Tumblr are great for promotion. The networks that aren’t adult-friendly (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, ect) can still be used for promotion, although you need to be careful not to get banned.

If you’re running a website, by learning the basics of SEO, you’re able to tap into some insanely valuable search engine traffic. The website can also generate money through membership subscriptions, store items and other means. There’s also some platforms designed for camming models that makes running a website insanely simple and easy.



Make Money From Adult Skype Shows

It’s also possible to make money fromĀ Adult Skype Shows. Skype shows are different from camming in several ways. Because of the nature of them taking place on Skype, opposed to on a camming site, models get paid more. This is because the camming site isn’t taking their percentage. The drawback is that you don’t get to tap into the incredible amount of camming site traffic. It’s important to note that it’s possible to work on a camming site while also offering Skype shows.