Review of the Best Webcam Model Referral Programs


Reviews Of The Top Model Referral Programs

If you’re looking for the best model referral programs, here they are, along with my thoughts and opinions on them. Many of the top camming sites, clip selling sites and other networks offer model referral programs. They either offer a commission after a certain condition has been met, or a share of the revenue, either for a duration or lifetime.

I’m the webmaster at Webcam Startup. I’ve got the best model traffic in the industry. All this insight is based off my own personal experience. Keep in mind, there’s some networks I’ve got exclusive / semi-exclusive agreements with. Since it’s not open-enrollment, I didn’t list them.

Here’s the best performing programs, and what I think of them.


Adult Webcam Model Referral Programs


1) Chaturbate

Chaturbate is by far the most profitable model referral program. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bongacams one day earns more, as BongaCams is lifetime revshare and Chaturbate is commission-based. As of right now, Chaturbate way outperforms BongaCams and any other cam network. Without disclosing my monthly earnings or anything like that, let’s just say I could completely support myself off Chaturbate earnings alone. This network performs.

Chaturbate pays a $50 commission after the model has made their first $25 from performing. You also get a revshare of any affiliate income that model generates. What’s even better is that the model links also double as customer referral and webmaster referral links. I’ve gotten customer referrals (and earnings) from some of my camming model content, so it’s nice to be able to monetize all traffic sources without different linking codes.

Chaturbate is also a very active company content-wise. Their blog is very active and they’re constantly hosting competitions, sponsoring events and more. If you’re referring webcam models through blogs and similar content, Chaturbate gives you plenty of newsworthy material to keep fresh content rolling out.

Chaturbate also does a great job of converting. It’s an easy to use cam site with tons of traffic. $25 is a fairly easy to reach conversion rule, too. As long as the model is actually performing, they’ll convert easy.

Chaturbate also allows for female, male, couples, transgenders and groups. That means the camming site has a broad appeal. The larger the audience you can market to, the more conversions you’re going to get. Of course female and couples perform the best, but that’s just camming in general.

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More Information: Chaturbate Affiliate Program


2) BongaCams

BongaCams is the second best performing network, and someday expect it to surpass Chaturbate easily. That’s because it’s a lifetime revshare and not commission-based. My highest earning model has generated $660 in referral earnings (5% of total earnings) in the last 5 months. That is over $100 per month in referral earnings off that single model alone. Much better than the one-time $50 that Chaturbate would have offered.

She is the only model earning that much that I have referred, although there are many models that have earned above $50 in referral commissions. On the flip-side, there’s tons of models that haven’t earned more than $50 in referral commissions. Whether they someday do or not is something that only time will tell.

So whether BongaCams or Chaturbate pays more per model really depends. Some models perform well, others don’t. Some models stay in the industry, some models don’t. For those that do, BongaCams performs way better. On the flip-side, that model might one day switch sites and that residual income goes away. The model will still have earned more in commissions signed to BongaCams than Chaturbate would have generated though. Chaturbate’s conversion rules (first $25 in earnings) is so easy of a benchmark though, they end up paying out on models that might have actually lost them money, as some models try it out and decide the industry is not for them.

The other thing I like about BongaCams is that they give commissions for studio earnings as well. To the best of my knowledge, Chaturbate does not. I’ve got some great studio traffic, too, and make decent money off some BongaCams studio referrals.

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More Information: BongaCams Affiliate Program


3) SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate isn’t a camming network, but the platform performs insanely well. Probably because there’s many models offering Skype shows (opposed to camming on a site) and there’s appeal to having the tools for booking, accepting payments and being included in the directory. That being said, SkyPrivate has some appeal that camming sites can’t offer. They’ve also got a very high payout rate for models, although they don’t provide as much traffic as the camming sites do.

Another great thing is that the SkyPrivate model and customer referral links are the same. Once again, I’ve gotten some customer referrals from some of my model resources. It’s nice to be able to monetize all traffic from the single links.

SkyPrivate offers a generous revshare, but only fur a duration of a single year. I like that it’s revshare, but it sucks it’s not lifetime. I would totally have taken a steep drop in the percentage offered in order to get lifetime instead. Luckily the customer revshare duration is 10 years, which is quite a while, making the customer referral program a lot more appealing.

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4) Camgasm

Camgasm is an insanely new site, so it’s hard to determine how it’s going to perform in the future. I’m hoping that someday Camgasm performs just as good as Chaturbate. Hell, I hope Camgasm performs better than Chaturbate.

Camgasm is a site made by Chaturbate and built on the same platform. Where Chaturbate specializes in public shows, Camgasm specializes in private shows. There’s also no nudity allowed in public chat and on public bios. Camgasm also doesn’t feature any adult ads.

Either two things can happen with Camgasm; either the network starts to perform better as it gets more customers and models, or the network is only performing as good as it is due to the hype behind it. I’m personally hoping it performs better over time, as I’d love to be promoting another winner of the same caliber as Chaturbate.

Only the future will tell on this one. This post may be updated at a later date with more information on how Camgasm is performing.

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5) LiveJasmin

First, let me say that I hate how confusing AWE makes their referral system. I honestly don’t even know what percentage I’m making off my model referrals. Also, with their stat system, you don’t know how many models you preferred, whether it’s few models driving the most revenue or evenly distributed or what. You only get a lump sum for model income.

It’s also not a lifetime revshare. Only a single year. And without very detailed stats, you really have no way to tell how much you’re actually earning per model.

That being said, it does perform alright. Not the best performing, not the worst. In fact, LiveJasmin is performing better than Camgasm, but due to how much I hate the affiliate platform, commission-structure, and model feedback I’ve got on LiveJasmin, I ranked it below Camgasm. That, and Camgasm is so new, that’s it’s unpredictable, but intuition tells me it’s going to be performing much better very soon.

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More Info: LiveJasmin Affiliate Program


More Webcam Model Referral Programs


Clip Selling Site Referral Programs


1) ManyVids

ManyVids is by far the most profitable clip-selling site with a model referral program. Perhaps it’s because the conversion rules aren’t outrageous and the commissions are good for the requirements. $25 after a performer or studio uploads the first two videos. First four for male models. It’s not a high dollar commission, but it’s some insanely easy conversion rules. The model doesn’t even need to get a sale.

ManyVids also is very active. They’re constantly having competitions, they just released their new magazine, steadily sponsor and attend events, and do other blogworthy things. If you’re getting most of your model referrals through blog content, ManyVids makes that insanely easy.

There’s also no expiration time. If a model waits five years before uploading her first two videos, you’ll still get credit. I’ve had models upload videos over a half year after they initially signed up. Something to be aware of if your traffic isn’t converting instantly.

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2) ModelCentro

ModelCentro is a hosted website builder for models. It makes it insanely easy for models to deploy their very own subscription-based membership sites. ModelCentro offers a lifetime revenue share on model referrals. The conversion rates for ModelCentro aren’t as high as a lot of the other networks, but that’s because ModelCentro is fairly niche. A lot more models are looking for camming sites than they are website builders.

It’s the established models who are really the ones looking for platforms like ModelCentro. That is awesome, because when the good ones convert, they really convert. I’ve got some actual pornstar referrals to ModelCentro. None who are AVN-caliber, but they still have a following, name recognition and know the industry, so they know what they’re doing.

Since the monthly rebills increase month-over-month, ModelCentro also keeps earning more. I’m hopeful within this year it’ll surpass ManyVids due to the nature of lifetime revshare vs small commissions on each conversion. ModelCentro also continues to innovate and add new features. This in return can only help increase the profitability for models and the webmaster who have referred them.

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3) ExtraLunchMoney

ExtraLunchMoney offers some insanely pathetic commissions on referrals. And I mean pathetic. 20% on the first sale and 20% on the first top-up. Luckily both model and customer referral links are the same. It’s not really the model referrals that you make money off of. If someone sells a $10 clip, you make $2. Whoop-de-fuckin-do. $2 per conversion. We’re making PPL commissions for PPS conversions.

I actually make more money per conversion off the customer conversions I get from my model content. That is because customers will generally purchase packages bigger than what the models are selling a single downloadable piece of content for.

At least ExtraLunchMoney has a lot of appeal to both customers and models. You’re able to offer a wide range of services on that site.

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4) MyDirtyHobby

I’m actually expecting MydirtyHobby to start performing better than ExtraLunchMoney here real soon. That’s because MyDirtyHobby offers lifetime revshare and ExtraLunchMoney offers some very pathetic commissions. I believe the reason it’s not performing better for me right now is because it’s primarily a German audience and my traffic is primarily English-speaking.

MyDirtyHobby offers a lifetime revshare for model earnings. The model referral links are the same as the customer referral links, so you can take advantage of both type of commissions.

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5) YouKandy

YouKandy offers $5 for every new customer who makes their first purchase and $10 for every seller who makes their first sale. Luckily, the referral links are the same. Still, not quite as generous as ManyVids. At least it’s better than ExtraLunchMoney. Surprisingly, ExtraLunchMoney still earns better.

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6) Customs4U

I am honestly shocked that Customs4U doesn’t perform better. I want them to perform great. Primarily because of the generous 5% lifetime revshare they offer. A lot of established models I talk to love Customs4U, too. Okay, so there was a lot of complaints about their redesign. But other than that, everyone loves them.

The problem is that most of those models are using the site for customs and not the other features, such as selling recorded videos and camming. Hopefully those other aspects pick up in the future, as that would have a positive impact on the bottom-line of the affiliates.

That being said, it is lifetime revshare, and those programs always end up gaining steam further down the line.

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More Amateur Producer Referral Programs


Networks To Keep Your Eyes On

Here are some networks to keep your eyes on. This is either because they’re insanely new, or just interesting enough to where it might become something powerful someday. Then again, they might tank. You never know.



IndieBill is a fairly new platform, and I’ve only been promoting it for just over a week. Within that time, I have gotten over 250 signups with the network though. It’ll be interesting to see which ones actually convert though. I really wish IndieBill was lifetime instead of just a single year. It’s all good though. By the number of signups, I’m sure it’ll perform great.

Being a new company, there’s also plenty of room to grow and improve. I’m very excited to see the launch of their self-served website builder. It’s also great seeing another networks specializing in Snapchat, as that is very popular right now and I get great traffic for it. Exact same thing with Skype.

Their referral stats and reporting isn’t the best in the world, so I’m not really able to see whether my traffic is converting or not. The devs are actually working with me to design better reporting capabilities for referrals.

I’m hoping they can get some insanely simple features rolling. Like a tribute feature. A lot of models are using DeliveryCode to accept tributes, and DeliveryCode offers the same percentage as IndieBill. IndieBill could totally be tapping into that marketshare simply by implementing a tribute button.

So, new network, already getting an impressive amount of signups, has projects in the skunkworks and plenty of room to improve. All the signs of a true winner to me.

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OnlyFans is another new network that I’ve only been promoting for just over a week. I like the fact that it’s a lifetime revenue share for referrals. I also like the insanely high percentages they offer models, the fact that it’s subscription-based (like ModelCentro) and the entire social media / mobile app concept they’ve got going.

They do have a lot of room for improvement, however. They should make it way easier to find content and people to subscribe to. There should also be some way to choose what requires subscriptions, and what’s public. That way people can give some teaser content, instead of everything blanked out. Currently, it’s hard to tell what you’re going to get until you hit that subscribe button.

Also, they need to hurry up and release the Android app.

Outside of that, I love the concept, have already made money off referrals (nothing worth writing home about) and my traffic is registering. I look forward to seeing how it performs these next few months and see how they improve the platform and unroll new features. I’m also interested in seeing how the platform promotes with some more mainstream verticals as well.

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Okay, so Diverxity doesn’t really generate me income. It does, but it’s laughable. I still like the concept of it. Before the upgrade, when customers could post status updates with links, the site also drove some decent traffic for me. I didn’t post often, but when I did, I got good clicks. So Diverxity also makes a good marketing tool.

I’m hoping someday Diverxity becomes something great and awesome. You never know what the future holds. It’s definitely a unique network unlike any others out there. All it needs is some major growing and to figure out how to get profitable.

I’m in the process of starting up a studio, and I can’t wait to see how it performs for an actual content producer, rather than just profiting from the referral system as well. I also can’t wait to be able to benchmark the referral traffic and see how well it converts for the different sites and services being promoted.

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I had to mention Camgasm again, even though it’s already referenced up in the camming site section. As I mentioned earlier, Camgasm is the new platform by Chaturbate that focuses on private chat instead of public chat. I love Chaturbate, love their platform and am very anxious to see what happens with Camgasm. Their average number of online models is steadily growing, and you see more and more that are in private instead of just sitting in public. Also know a lot of studios specializing in cam-splitting their models who are focusing hard with Camgasm and have tons of faith as well.

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Camazee is a self-served camming platform for models, offering the highest payout percentage in the industry. Models have to embed the chatroom into their own site, and it’s not an actual camming network. That’s how Camazee is able to offer such high payout percentages. The models are responsible for generating their own traffic and sales. The model also has to embed the chatroom in their own site. camazee offers a WordPress plugin to make this easier.

Camazee is made by the same company that developed ModelNet. ModelNet is a live streaming platform for building adult webcam sites. Camazee models can be featured on the large network of ModelNet sites, but they need to be approved first. This allows them to also make money performing on 10 additional sites (not whitelabels) in addition to their own feeds. They don’t make the full 80% when getting tipped from other ModelNet sites, as the site owner gets a percentage of the revenue.

I like that Camazee has such a high percentage. Of course it’s not performing as well, especially with beginner models, as there’s no actual network and no traffic. This requires minimal technical knowledge on the models end, plus the need to drive traffic. I am a huge fan of ModelNet, however, and have been actively trying to grow the entire network. The Camazee / ModelNet integration is exciting, and I’m looking forward to watching the network grow.

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More Adult Model Referral Programs


Misc / Other Referral Programs

There’s more ways to monetize model traffic outside of model referral programs. Here’s some other ways you can make money off your model traffic.


Adult Web Hosting

If a camming model isn’t using a hosted solution like ModelCentro or AdultMemberSites, she’ll need web hosting. A good chunk of adult-friendly web hosts support model referral programs. It’s only a small commission, and you don’t get commissions that often (most models go with a platform like ModelCentro) but for models that go with WordPress or anther self hosted platform, it earns you more. There’s also registrars that have affiliate programs as well.

List of Adult Web Hosts



CamModelProtection doesn’t perform amazingly, but it does get conversions. It’s one of the few DMCA protection suites that offers a referral program with tracking links. DMCA is a major concern for camming models, porn producers and other adult performers. For those willing to pay for the services, CamModelProtection suites their needs.

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Amazon Affiliate Program

I’m personally not monetizing my site through the Amazon affiliate program, but that’s only due to the fact that I’m from a state they don’t allow. Otherwise, I would totally be taking advantage of this. Webcams, wireless keyboards, mouses, laptops, ect. This is something that a lot of model resource sites outside of mine are using. They’ve been having luck with it. I couldn’t possibly comment on how it performs myself.

Visit Amazon


Webmaster Referral Programs

Many affiliate programs also have webmaster referral programs. Camgirls are webmasters too. Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase the profits from a model’s traffic. Especially if the affiliate program offers deep-linking. This allows the model to link to her profile page and still get the revenue. If the affiliate program has a webmaster referral program, you can make a lifetime revshare from the model’s affiliate earnings.

Available Camming Affiliate Programs