How To Build An Adult Webcam Network

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Building Your Own Adult Camming Site

Camming is a lucrative business that is revolutionizing the adult industry. Unlike pre-recorded videos, camming is live and truly interactive. It’s also something that anyone can do from the comfort of their home. When people are looking for the true ‘Girl Next Door’, camming sites is the one place where they can really find that. It’s also never been easier to get started with your own camming site. Here’s how to do it.


ModelNet: Software Plus Feature Other ModelNet Models

ModelNet is a CMS / script for creating an adult webcam site. What’s truly unique about ModelNet is that you can feature other ModelNet models on your site. Your models can also be broadcasted on the other ModelNet sites. It works on a revshare model, meaning whoever signs the model up gets a percentage of that model’s earnings if she makes it from a different network site.

This solves one huge issue new camming sites face: You need to find a way to attract models without having a customer-base built up. You can’t really grow the customer-base until you’ve got models on your site. This can make ramping up both types of signups very difficult. With ModelNet, you can feature other sites models on yours while you work to ramp up both your customer-base, as well as your own model traffic.

ModelNet supports all the features you’d expect from an adult webcam site: model, studios, customer and webmaster accounts. Easily setup your own customer, webmaster and model referral programs. Has tipping features, private features and more. Highly customizable.


xCams: Turnkey Adult Webcam Site Script

xCams is a turnkey platform for easily deploying your very own live chatting website. xCams has all the bells and whistles you’d expect out of a camming site. Setup customer, model, studio and webmaster accounts. Integrates with all the leading adult payment processors. The entire script is fully documented and highly customizable. Supports group chat, private chat and voyeur. Includes a mobile application which will notify customers when their favorite models get online.


Whitelabel An Existing Camming Site

If you want to make money from running a camming site, but don’t want to worry about the development, legal issues, model management and everything else involved in running a camming site, you should consider whitelabeling instead. With whitelabeling, you simply rebrand an existing site as your own. The whitelabel provider handles all the technical aspects of running the site. You simply have to take care of promotion and collect a share of all the revenue your site generates.

Running a whitelabeled camming site is incredibly easy. All you need is a domain name (and optional WHOIS protection). Simply register as an affiliate, configure your site and make it go live. How customizable a whitelabeled camming site is will vary from platform to platform. Some simply allow you to rebrand their network, while others allow you to customize many aspects as well as what models are featured on your site.

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Important Issues On Running Your Cam Site

There’s some important things you should be aware about if you’re planning on running your own camming site. These issues range from being compliant with the law to promoting your site and attracting models. Here are some things to consider when getting started with your new camming site.


Legal Issues: 2257 Compliance, Model Agreements, TOS


There are some very important legal issues to be aware of. These are legal issues that any adult webmaster should know about, but it’s even more important if you’re running a site featuring models that you hire. Here are the most important legal things to know about:

2257 Compliance – 2257 is insanely important. This is the age verification and docuementation standards for the USA. Failure to comply has a very stiff penalty of up to five years in federal prison. Luckily, 2257 is on it’s way to being declared unconstitutional. You’ll need to keep a record for every model on your site. This record should have all their information, plus digital copies of government issued photo ID displaying their date of birth.

Model Agreement – This form is incredibly important. All models will have to agree with it when registering

TOS / Content Policy – You’ll need a terms of service and a content policy. This is important for both customers and models. Your TOS / content policy should cover all the rules of the site and what’s allowed and what’s not.

Privacy Policy – It’s important that your site has a privacy policy. This policy should cover both models and customers.

Taxes – You’ll need all your models, studios and webmasters to provide you with form W-9 and you’ll be responsible for 1099ing them all at the end of the year. You’ll also have to pay tax on your own income.


How To Recruit Webcam Models

Recruiting webcam models is very important for any camming site. You’ll need performers on your site in order to attract customers. This makes the models even more important than the customers. Models will also do their own marketing, which will help attract more customers. There’s many ways to prospect potential models. Just by having a camming site with a model signup link, you should be able to get some organic model leads. It’s also recommended that you put together a model recruiting site, place ads on job listing sites, be active on social media and all the camming / adult communities.


More Adult Scripts and CMS

Looking for more scripts and CMS for building adult sites? We’ve got them all in one place! Check out our section on building adult sites to see what’s available. Build your own tube sites, affiliate promotional sites, adult forums and more. Check out all the different scripts that allow you to easily deploy your very own porn sites with minimal coding knowledge. Turnkey solutions for every type of site you’re trying to produce.

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