How To Build And Monetize An Adult Webcam Site



Build An Adult Camming Site

Camming is insanely popular and has revolutionized the way people consume porn. Camming offers something that traditional studio content can’t offer: The ability to interact 1-on-1 with the camming model, whether it’s in private or public chat. Camming is also 100% indie/amateur, as opposed to professional shot porn. This is something that a lot of camming customers are looking for. Camming can also be a very lucrative industry. This guide will go over everything you need to know to build your very own camming site.


What’s Required To Build A Camming Site

Starting a camming site isn’t nearly as burdensome or complicated as you might imagine. In-fact, if you’re going the extreme bootstrapped route, the lawyer fees will be the most expensive requirement. Here’s all the things you’ll need to start up your very own camming site:

Domain Name: You’ll need a domain name (website name). Depending on the TLD (.com, .net, ect) and where the domain is purchased from, it’s possible to get one with WHOIS protection for as inexpensive as $25/year.

Web Hosting: You’ll also need web hosting. It’s important to make sure that the web host is adult-friendly, as not all hosting companies allow explicit content. Be sure to check the specs on the CMS you go with to make sure the server meets the requirements.

CMS / Script: You’ll also need the CMS (Content Management System) unless you plan on building the site from the ground up. CMS makes it much faster and easier to deploy and manage a website. There’s also multiple CMS designed specifically fir camming sites (see below).

Payment Processor: You’ll need to integrate a payment processor into the site. Make sure that you go with a “High-Risk” payment processor who supports adult websites.

Webcam Models: In order to run a camming site, you’re going to need webcam models. This can be a challenge since without paying customers it’s very hard to attract webcam models. Luckily there’s a company that came up with a brilliant solution, which we’ll be discussing below. We’ll also discuss recruiting webcam models further down in this guide.

Legal Documentation: It’s highly recommended that you have a lawyer consult you on all the legalities of running a camming site and draft all the required documents. You’re going to need everything to be 2257 Compliant, a model release form, a Privacy Policy, a ToS and a Content Policy. We’ll go more in-depth into the legalities of running a camming site further down in this guide.


Camming Site CMS / Scripts

As mentioned above, there are scripts designed specifically for building and running a camming site. Going with a CMS makes the process of deploying a brand new camming site much easier, faster and less expensive. All the scripts are fully documented, meaning that the code can be tinkered with to get the camming site the exact way the webmaster wants. Here’s the scripts available for building a camming site:


ModelNet: Camming CMS With Model Sharing

ModelNet is the recommended camming site CMS for one very important reason. ModelNet has this revolutionary feature where webmasters are able to feature their models on other ModelNet sites and other ModelNet models on their site. This works on a revshare system between the webmasters. What this does is eliminate the debacle of not having customers to attract models or models to attract customers. You’re able to feature other models on your site while you build up the customer base, and any models that signup to your site can make money from being featured on other partner sites.


ModelNet Pricing Information

There are two options for purchasing / leasing ModelNet: It’s possible to purchase a lifetime license or to lease monthly. Here’s how the two plans compare:

$3995 (One Time)

  • Self-hosted
  • WebRTC Based Streaming
  • Multiple Domains Support
  • Responsive Templates
  • Installing the Software to a Web-Server
  • Editable Source Code
  • First year Free Support & Bugfixes
  • First year Free Updates
  • Hosting Service on a Web-Server
  • Live Video Streaming Hosting

  • Modelnet Cloud hosting
  • WebRTC Based Streaming
  • Multiple Domains Support
  • Responsive Templates
  • Installing the Software to a Web-Server
  • Editable Source Code
  • Free Support & Bugfixes
  • Free Updates for the whole Period on Lease
  • Hosting Service on a Web-Server
  • Live Video Streaming Hosting


Main ModelNet Features:

  • Turnkey live streaming video chat script
  • Fully responsive design
  • templates included
  • Built-in affiliate system
  • Customer / Member Accounts
  • Performer Accounts
  • Affiliate Accounts
  • Mobile broadcasting
  • WebRTC
  • IP blocking for models
  • Multiple cashout options supported


xCams by Adent: Turnkey Camming Site Script

Another option is xCams by Adent. Keep in mind that this script doesn’t have the same model-sharing capabilities as ModelNet does. This means that you’re going to need a decent sized marketing warchest. This includes the ability to put webcam models on acceptable wages during the slow spell that’s going to occur while you ramp up your member-base. Here’s the overview on Adent.


xCams Plans and Pricing

$699 (One Time)

  • One time cost. No hidden fees.
  • Web platform
  • No mobile apps
  • Free Installation & setup
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • 3 Months Free Upgrades
  • Post 3 months, Support at $99 p.m (optional)
  • Upgrades are FREE if you’re under support
$1,499 (One Time)

  • One time cost. No hidden fees.
  • Web platform
  • Android & iOS mobile apps
  • Free Installation & Setup
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • 6 Months Free Upgrades
  • Post 6 months, Support at $99 p.m (optional)
  • Upgrades are FREE if you’re under support


Main xCams Features:

  • Fully Rebrandable
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • 4 Live Chat Options
  • Performer Goal System
  • Paid Video and Photo Galleries
  • Top-tier Technology
  • Responsive Template
  • Private Messaging
  • Ban / Kick Users
  • Unlimited Models and Studios
  • Geo-blocking Users
  • Calendar and Events


Whitelabels Vs API Vs Affiliate Sites Vs Cam Sites

It’s important to understand that running a camming site isn’t the only way to make money as a webmaster in the camming vertical. In fact; camming sites have a lot of expense and risk, with a very low success rate. Going the affiliate route is much safer. There’s practically zero risk and depending on how you set things up there could be minimal investment. Best of all, there’s no need to recruit models. Instead, it’s just marketing to customers. Here’s all the different ways to get paid as an affiliate in the camming vertical:


Whitelabeled Camming Sites

It’s possible to whitelabel a camming site. This means rebranding the camming site as your own. All you need to do this is a domain name. The whitelabeled solution-provider handles all the technical aspects including the hosting and payment processing. All affiliates need to do is promote. Whitelabeled camming sites work on a revshare between the affiliate and the camming site. Pretty much every camming site with an affiliate program also offers a whitelabel.


API-Driven Affiliate Sites

Another option for easily deploying camming affiliate sites is through API. Just like with a whitelabel, pretty much every camming site with an affiliate program offers an API. Some amazing projects have been created using API. API is great because webmasters are able to pull in webcam models from different sites, instead of only being able to work with the performers from a single site. If you’re not able to build an API-driven camming site from scratch, there’s several platforms available that can import the API for you.

WPLiveCam – WPLiveCam is a WordPress plugin and theme that makes it insanely easy to turn a WordPress site into a camming affiliate site. WPLiveCam automatically imports models and content (including embedded cam rooms). Simply install the plugin and theme and you’re good to go! Works with popular camming sites such as LiveJasmin and Chaturbate!

Learn More: WPLiveCam – Create Camming Affiliate Sites


Robo-Scripts – Robo Scripts is a collection of scripts dedicated to the camming vertical of the adult industry. Robo-Scripts works with a wide range of camming affiliate programs. There are multiple scripts that accomplish different things. For example; there’s a script for WordPress blogs and multi-blogs, as well as some non-WordPress scripts such as a their own CMS and a Twitter auto-poster.

Learn More: Robo-Scripts – Automated Camming Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Sites Powered by WordPress

If you’re not interested in whitelabeling or any of the other above platforms, it’s possible to build an affiliate site from scratch. Doing this is as simple as signing up for the camming site affiliate programs of your choice and using any promotional content made available (from the cam affiliate program or one of the other porn site affiliate programs)

If you’re building out an affiliate site, it’s suggested that you use the WordPress CMS. WordPress is open-sourced, highly customizable, has a huge 3rd party developer community and is the most popular CMS globally. In fact, many of the camming site affiliate programs even have their very own WordPress themes and plugins. Here’s what is available:

Camming WordPress Plugins:

Visit-X / PornMe – Visit-X and PornMe is a popular German camming site and clip selling site. They offer a WordPress theme and plugins that allow you to import and feature their camming models and adult content for sale on your WordPress site.

XLoveCam – XLoveCam autoblogging scripts. XLoveCam provides a full WordPress install with their plugins and themes. This makes it easy to deploy your very own camming autoblog site.

Alternatives To WordPress Plugins:

If you don’t go with one of the above plugins, it’s still possible to either manually embed camming site chat rooms, or to go for more of a blog-style site. Keep in mind that both these routes can be insanely time consuming.


More Information For Camming Webmasters

Here’s more info for webmasters wanting to run their own camming site


Legal Requirements / Concerns For Camming Sites

There’s some laws that all webmasters in the adult industry should know about and there’s some documents that camming site operators must have drafted. It is highly recommended that a lawyer drafts these documents. It’s also recommended that a lawyer advises the new webmaster on all the relevant laws and how to stay compliant. Here are the most important laws to be aware about.


2257 Compliance Documentation

Perhaps the most important law to be aware of is 2257 Compliance. These are the age verification standards and record-keeping requirements for the adult industry. It’s important that the 2257 Documentation is filled out completely and correctly for each model performing on the site. 2257 Compliance requires that webmasters get all the personal information for each performer, in addition to a digital copy of their photo ID and a photo headshot of the webcam model holding the photo ID.

Quick2257 Mobile App – There’s a mobile application available for both Android and Apple products called Quick2257. This app makes creating fully compliant 2257 Documentation a breeze. The app will walk you through all the steps with all the form fields that should be filled out. IDs can be uploaded and featured performers can add signatures directly within the app.


Model Agreement / Release

This is something a lawyer should definitely draft up as this is insanely important and must be airtight. You’ll need a model agreement that must be filled out by every performer on the site. This goes through the rules and standards that the performer is expected to abide by, the percentages between the camming site and performer and other relevant terms and conditions.


Privacy Policy, Content Policy and Terms of Service

We’ve also got the privacy policy, content policy and terms of service. These are all also very important documents and it’s highly recommended that they get drafted by a lawyer as well.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

DMCA is an act that protects digital copyright holders. Piracy is a huge thing in the adult industry and all camming sites have shows recorded and pirated. Sometimes it just simply gets uploaded to a tube site and can be easily removed with a simple takedown notice (tube sites are very good at complying with DMCA). Other times it gets uploaded to a foreign pirate site by someone who refuses to honor DMCA.

Luckily, DMCA notices can still be filed to other parties. For example; it’s possible to file a DMCA takedown request to all the major search engines to get search results for pirated content removed. DMCA takedown notices can also be filed to registrars, web hosts and the traffic companies and affiliate programs the pirate site is using to monetize the stolen content. Sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it’s not.

As a camming site,you have the option of filing the DMCA takedown requests yourself, or contracting to a DMCA agency. DMCA agencies cost a pretty penny, but their services are well worth it. DMCA agencies have crawlers that scan the web and identify stolen content. They also know what parties are compliant, what parties are not and have rapport with various entities such as web hosts, traffic networks, ect.