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Promote The Chaturbate Affiliate Program

Are you an adult webmaster in the camming niche? Then the Chaturbate affiliate program is right for you! Chaturbate is one of the world’s most popular camming sites and has an amazing affiliate program. Chaturbate gives you so many different ways to earn and an incredibly wide selection of promotional tools to choose from. Get paid a lifetime revshare or PPL for all your camming customer traffic and get paid from the model or webmaster referral program. Here’s all the information you need on the Chaturbate affiliate program.


Get Paid A Lifetime Revenue-Share Or Pay-Per-Lead

Choose between earning a 20% lifetime revshare or $1 pay-per-lead for all your camming traffic. Although it might be tempting to opt for the $1 for each free signup, lifetime revenue-share is generally way more profitable in the long-run. That is why I always suggest going with revenue-share programs. If you feel that PPL works better for your style of affiliate marketing, that option is always available.


Make Money Referring Webcam Models

If you’re interested in webcam model referral programs, then Chaturbate has you covered. Chaturbate has a very generous model referral program. For each webcam model that you refer who earns $20 or more, you’ll receive a $50 commission. The best thing about the Chaturbate model referral program is that you’re able to use the same links as your customer referral programs. All referral links have the ability to work with all Chaturbate program types. There’s also a special link that will send your webcam model traffic directly to the model registration page.


Chaturbate Whitelabel: Rebrand Chaturbate As Your Own

A “whitelabel” is where a company or website allows you to rebrand their product or service as your own. In this case, you’re able to completely rebrand Chaturbate. Upload your own custom logo, choose the genders you want included, pick out the color scheme and use your own custom domain name. Chaturbate handles all the hosting, technical aspects, payment processing, hiring the models and all other aspects of running the network. All you have to do is focus on promoting your whitelabeled version and drive traffic to your site. Earn a revenue-share from all earnings from your whitelabeled version.

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Chaturbate Payout Types and Payment Information

Chaturbate has two payouts per month. Payouts are sent within 7 days after the end of each pay period. The minimum payouts and payment options are as followed:

  • Check by mail has a minimum payment of $50.00
  • Payoneer has a minimum payment of $50.00
  • Paxum has a minimum payment of $100.00
  • Check by Fedex has a minimum payment of $200.00
  • Wire payments have a minimum payment of $1,000.00


Chaturbate Promotional Tools

The Chaturbate affiliate program gives webmasters a wide range of tools to use to promote the program. This goes above and beyond simple banners and linking codes. Check out all the different promo tools available to affiliates:

Linking Codes – Chaturbate offers a wide range of linking codes. This ranges from the homepage, signup pages, most popular chatrooms for a wide range of genders and more. Make sure your traffic is landing on the right page to increase conversion rates.

Static and Animated Banners – Choose from a wide range of static or animated banners. Chaturbate offers a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. This enables you to match up the best style to fit the ad space you’ve got available.

Embeddable Chat Rooms – Add a Chaturbate chatroom to any website or blog. Simply copy the code snippet and place it to where you want the chat room to appear. Chaturbate allows you to embed the most popular rooms for all the different genders. Webmasters can also grab the embed code for any individual Chaturbate model.

Pop-Up Code – Add a pop-up advertisement to your website or blog. You’re able to choose a wide range of pop-up landing pages, including the homepage, specific gender pages or the top rooms for specific genders. The advertisement will pop-up in a new window whenever traffic clicks anywhere on your site for the first time.

iFrame Cam Listing – Add an iFrame cam listing to your website or blog.

Instant Messaging Ads – Add an instant messaging ad type to your website or blog. This ad will resemble an instant messenger and be affixed to the corner of the screen. The IM ad will float as the traffic scrolls up and down.

RSS Feed – Use the RSS feed to automatically add content to a website or blog or automate social media posting. Choose between feeds for the featured cams or any gender.

Whitelabel – Rebrand Chaturbate as your own. Get paid a revenue share for all token purchases that occur on the whitelabeled version.


Register For Chaturbate Today

Ready to get started? Register for the Chaturbate affiliate program today! Chaturbate gives affiliates multiple programs to promote and all the promotional tools you need to succeed. Whether you’ve got camming traffic, webcam model traffic or webmaster traffic, Chaturbate gives you the tools to monetize it all. Promote one of the hottest camming sites with some amazing conversion rates. Use the embeddable iFrames or whitelabel to built up your niche sites and drive traffic. Choose between a wide range of promotional tools to fit the needs for any site.


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Interested In Becoming A Chaturbate Model?

Are you interested in becoming a Chaturbate model? Getting started is quick and easy. The only real requirement is that you’re over the age of eighteen. You’ll also need a computer, webcam, internet connection and a place to perform. Learn how to become a Chaturbate model. The linked-to page is from our sister-site which is an information site for camming models. It contains all the information you’ll need to get started as a webcam model.

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