Get Paid To Recruit Webcam Models


Make Money With Webcam Model Recruiting Programs

Adult webcam modeling is huge and you don’t need to be a performer to make money in the industry. It’s also possible to make money as an affiliate marketer, promoting the camming sites to new customers and even to prospective models. There’s a lot of money that can be made through model recruiting (AKA Agent) programs. Sites will pay agents a cash commission or share of the revenue for each qualified model referred to the network. ┬áHere’s how to get started recruiting webcam models.


Camming Sites With Model Referral Programs

There’s many sites that offer model referral programs. Many of these sites offer model referral programs directly from their affiliate program. With others, you’ll have to apply directly with the network and sometimes even create a model or studio account in order to get started. Here’s the sites that offer model referral programs:

BongaCams – Get 5% lifetime revenue for every studio or model that you’re able to refer. In order to promote the BongaCams model referral program, you’ll have to sign-up as either a model or a studio. Once your account is verified, you can start promoting the program. BongaCams is the camming site with the most traffic and they’ve got a strong presence in a wide-range of countries.

CamModelStore – CamModelStore is a website builder for models that allows them to build sites and stores. Models can sell a wide range of services using CamModelStore, including camming shows. Webmasters promoting the CamModelStore affiliate program gets a $150 commission for each referral the purchases a site. – Join the affiliate program. With the affiliate program, you’ll make 10% of the models revenue for the first six months.

Chaturbate – Chaturbate is a very popular camming site that allows models to perform on cam, run their own fanclubs and sell content sets. With the Chaturbate model referral program, you’ll make $50 after each referral makes their first $25. The Chaturbate model referral program is awesome because it doubles as a customer referral link as well!

Flirt4Free – Promote the Flirt4Free affiliate program. Get paid $50 after a model reaches their first 50,000 credits.

iFriends – iFriends is a unique network that allows models to offer a wide range of services. In addition to live camming, models can also get paid from selling content sets, running fan clubs and through phone sex. Agents earn $100 for each qualified model.

LiveJasmin – LiveJasmin is one of the older camming networks and has great global traffic and features tons of models from English speaking countries, Eastern European countries and Latin / South America. The payout for the LiveJasmin referral program is a little complicated. They offer a revenue-share for the first year, that can be as high as 36% depending on the referral bonus increase.

NeedLive – NeedLive is a network that allows models to perform live on webcam, sell their photo and video content and get paid from phone sex. NeedLive offers a $50 commission and 5% lifetime revenue-share on model earnings.

XCams – The XCams model referral program is powered by CamsPower, who also runs their whitelabel. XCams has two different tiers for their model referral programs and both of them are rev-share. You can either collect 10% for the first 12 months or 5% for life. I would highly recommend the 5% for life. You should make more money in the long run that way, especially since the model will probably be earning more on her second year than she would on her first.

XLoveCam – XLoveCam is a European camming site with great traffic all over the world. XLoveCam offers a 5% lifetime revenue-share on all model referrals.


How To Recruit Webcam Models

Now that we’ve got all the programs in place, it’s time to recruit the models. There are tons of ways to go about it. Some methods work better than others and anything you do will require learning the industry so you can better answer question and give your consultation. You don’t have to stick to only one method and it’s actually suggested that you explore every channel available.

Website / SEO – This is one of your best bets for recruiting webcam models. When someone is looking into how to start doing something, the search engines is one of the first places they go. Camming is no different. There are thousands of people Googling different queries and looking at how to get started in the adult industry. If you put in the time and record to build and rank a model recruiting site, then you’ll be able to tap into this traffic. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to get the good Google rankings, but once you’ve got it, it’s basically “free” and qualified traffic.

Learn more about building a website and SEO

Social Media – Social media is another great way to reach models.┬áSocial media is free to get started with and it’s very easy to reach a global audience. The real challenge is reaching the right people. It’s very easy to find established camgirls on social media, as they’re using it to promote their shows and services. The only problem is they’re already camming with a network and might not be interested in switching sites. Therefore, it’s usually better to try to find girls that are interested in camming, but haven’t started yet. On the flip-side, if you can sell an existing model on a new camming site, that model already has a following and knows the ropes when it comes to camming, so the established models will always perform better.

Classifieds / Help Wanted Sites – Perhaps the best way to recruit webcam models. There are tons of people going to sites like Craigslist every day. Many of them are looking for jobs, making them highly qualified. Don’t be deceptive in the ads. Make sure to disclose that it requires nudity and don’t inflate the earnings too much. Don’t include your affiliate links in the ad itself, instead have the models email you and include the affiliate links in the email body. This way you can also answer any questions and walk them through any anxieties. In addition to Craigslist, there’s also BackPage and tons of adult-oriented classified ad sections.

Word of Mouth – Do you know anyone personally that would make a good webcam model? Word of Mouth referrals can work great, as you’re able to directly sign them up. Maybe your friends know friends that would like to get started. Ask around and see what happens, especially if you’re in a city filled with lots of people. City people seem to be more willing to try things like this than rural people, from my experience.

Question / Answer Sites – There’s tons of sites out there like Quora and Yahoo Answers where people ask questions or provide answers. You’ll find people on these sites inquiring how to get started with camming. It’s worth noting that some of these sites don’t like affiliate marketing. That means that you’ll need to either provide a link to a webpage instead of a direct affiliate link, or an email address so they can follow-up with you personally.