Adult Webmasters Wanted! Promote the iFriends Affiliate Program!


Promote The iFriends Adult Webcam Affiliate Program

iFriends is one of the leading camming sites. Their affiliate network ClickCash also has also been operating for over 20 years. They know what it takes to run a successful webcam affiliate program. iFriends offers some of the most generous tiered commissions in the industry. Webmasters can choose between their revshare, PPS or PPL programs. iFriends also offers tons of different promotional tools. They’re always running new special shows and spotlighting models. When these spotlights and events occur, they also provide special event banners for their webmaster to promote them. Here’s all the details on the iFriends affiliate program.


iFriends Offers A Tiered Revshare, PPS and PPL Program

iFriends offers a tiered revshare pay-per-signup and pay-per-lead program. The more customers you refer, and the more your referrals spend, the bigger your commission. Here’s what it looks like:

Revshare: Top tier is a 35% revshare. Bottom tier is a 20% revshare.

Pay Per Signup: Bottom tier is $100 per signup. Top tier is $200 per signup.

Pay Per Lead: Top tier is $1.00 per lead. Bottom tier countries are 5 cents per lead.


Promo Tools For Affiliates

Banners – iFriends features a wide range of banners. iFriends is constantly creating new creative, including creative for specific models (such as the models of the month). Easily search banners by fetish, size and more.

Direct Model Linking – iFriends allows affiliates to create custom deep-links. This means that you can link to any page on iFriends with affiliate tracking codes. This allows you to link directly to any model or any other page.

Full-Page Landers – Looking for full-page hosted landers to covert your traffic? Look no further! Give your traffic a peek into a live session – or niche-targeted galleries. Use them as pop-ups, pop-unders, text links, and more.

RSS and XML Feeds – Create one-of-a-kind marketing that fits seamlessly with your site. Target results by niche, session type, or specific model. The possibilities are endless!

URL Shortener – When space is limited, shorteners are golden. The shortener allows you to shorten any link and earn ClickCash commissions for signups. Perfect for Social Media and email marketing campaigns.

Domain Parking – Park your unused domains and watch your earnings soar. With niche-specific templtaes of live cam models, ClickCash Parking is the easiest way to monetize underdeveloped domains – for free!

Model Spotlight – Each month iFriends selects a model of the month. They’ll feature the model in an interview and ClickCash will provide photo content, banner artwork and other promos specific to that model. ClickCash will provide direct-model linking codes for the featured model.

Monthly Free Shows – iFriends offers a free show from one of their top models each month. These free shows is a great way to attract and convert new camming models. ClickCash provides special promo artwork and linking codes for each free show.


Cashout Methods and Payment Infromation

ClickCash commissions are issued weekly, on the first business day of each week, reflecting the immediately-preceding Sunday-Saturday evaluation period. ClickCash offers a variety of payment options, depending on where you live. For US-bsed affiliates, they offer Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, you specify the checking or savings account into which you want your commissions deposited.

For affiliates in the US or Canada, you can also choose to receive a check via Federal Express or via first-class mail. For both our US and International affiliates, ClickCash also offers electronic payment via the Payoneer Program.


Make Money Off Webcam Model Referrals

In addition to making money off customer referrals, also make money off performer referrals. Perfect if you’ve got model traffic. iFriends has a wide appeal to models. They allow performers to offer a wide range of services. In addition to camming, models can also get paid from phone sex, selling adult clips and running their own subscription-based fanclubs. iFriends accepts females, males and transgenders. This makes the network appealing to a wide range of potential models.

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iFriends WordPress Plugins: Create Adult Camming Affiliate sites

iFriends offers multiple WordPress plugins to their affiliates. These plugins allow you to transform WordPress sites into camming affiliate sites. All the plugins are shortcode driven, and you’re able to set the parameters on the type of models you want featured on your site. The plugins allow you to embed live cam listings and live chat feeds directly into your site. Choose what commission types you want and other settings through the WordPress admin area.

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Get Started As An iFriends Publisher Today!

Ready to get started? Become an iFriends affiliate! The iFriends affiliate program has been around for over 20 years. They know what’s important in running a successful adult camming affiliate program. iFriends gives you all the tools you need to drive traffic and make money. Choose between a very generous revshare, PPS or PPL. Also make money on model and webmaster referrals. Get started promoting iFriends today!


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Models Wanted: Become An iFriends Model!

Interested in becoming an iFriends model? iFriends is a popular camming site that gives performers a wide selection of ways to earn money. iFriends performers can get paid from live camming, producing and selling clips, phone sex and running their own adult webcam sites. So many ways to earn, all under one roof. iFriends accepts female, male, transgender and couple accounts. Anyone and everyone can make money as an iFriends performer. Get started today!

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