Build An Adult Camming WordPress Affiliate Site With iFriends


Turn WordPress Into An Adult Camming Affiliate Site With iFriends

iFriends is a popular camming site. iFriends also has a very generous affiliate program that’s been running for over 20 years. They know what works and have developed tons of successful marketing tools. One of the tools iFriends offers several WordPress plugins. the iFriends WordPress plugins help convert your adult WordPress site into a camming site. The plugins is 100% free to use, and all you have to do is become an iFriends affiliate. There’s also a plugin to add iFriend promos to your site, and one to embed live chatrooms into your site. Here’s the details.


Add Live Cam Listings To Your WordPress Site

Add Live Cam Listings To Your WordPress Site

The first plugin allows you to embed live cam listings directly to your WordPress pages. When configuring the plugin, you’re able to indicate your ClickCash account, and the iFriends affiliate links will be automatically added to the cam listings. the plugin is shortcode-driven, and there’s tons of parameters that you can change to further customize the cam listings. This is valuable for creating niche / category pages. You’re able to embed a listing of all the models that match the parameters specified. You can also choose whether to only display models currently online, or also display offline models that match the parameters.


Add A Live Feed Widget To Your WordPress Site

iFriends has another plugin that allows webmasters to embed a live feed directly into their WordPress site. The plugin is shortcode driven, and can be customized using different paramters. The plugin adds a 300 x 250 widget to your site. Can also add the widget directly into your template using PHP.


Customize Niche, Gender, Age and Body Type Of Models

All the feeds and models can be fully customizable. This is done through shortcode parameters. Not only can you choose the niche / categories of your models, but filter by tons of different parameters. Choose the age brackets, type of body, hair color, ethnicity, orientation and more. This allows you to pair up the cam listings and live feeds with different niche sites and/or pages. This provides a more relevant offer for your traffic and increases conversion rates.


Choose Between Revshare, PPS or PPL

When configuring the iFriends plugin, you’re able to specify what type of commission type you want to earn. You get to choose between revshare, pay-per-signup, or pay-per-lead. Revshare is highly advised, as you’ll make more money in the long run. PPS or PPL can be a lot more profitable in the short term, and some webmasters do prefer that over revshare. The choice is entirely up to you, and you can change it at any time.


Get Started As An iFriends Affiliate Today!

Ready to get started? Signup for the iFriends affiliate program today! Once registered, you’ll find all the download files and shortcode parameters under their promo tools. iFriends also gives instructions on how to configure the product as well. iFriends doesn’t offer any special themes, but the plugin works with any theme you’re using. You’ll also get access to all the different promo tools iFriends offers to their affiliates. Get started now!

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Looking for more WordPress plugins for your adult site? We’ve got them all in one place. There’s tons of plugins, just like the iFriends one, that was designed specifically for the adult industry. In fact, there’s even more plugins for camming webmasters as well. In addition to the adult-specific plugins, there’s also tons of plugins that are useful for both adult and mainstream projects. See what else is available.

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