ImageTwist: Get Paid From Sharing Adult Photos

Get Paid Sharing Porn Pics With ImageTwist


Make Money Sharing Porn Pics With ImageTwist

ImageTwist is a very unique adult publisher ad network. With Imagetwist, you don’t place any actual ad-types onto your site. Instead, you upload your photo content to ImageTwist and share the link or thumbnail image. You get paid when the traffic clicks over to ImageTwist. Display advertisements are shown along with the photo you’ve uploaded. ImageTwist pays you for each unique click per 24 hour period. Here’s all the details on ImageTwist.


How It Works: Upload Adult Photos and Make Cash!

ImageTwist is very simple. Once you’ve registered for the site, you simply upload the photo content that you want to share and monetize it. This is done directly from the ImageTwist homepage. You’re able to select multiple images and upload them all at once. You’re also able to upload images from URL.

How It Works: Upload Adult Photos and Make Cash!

Choose how you want the thumbnails featured (if you’re using thumbnails) and what domain you want to use. Choosing the domain could be important because some sites have banned certain ImageTwist domain names. Hit the upload button and ImageTwist takes you to a screen that gives you several options for sharing the photos. You can use the direct link, the forum code or the HTML embed code. When a user clicks over to ImageTwist, the full-size image is shown, along with some advertisements.


How Much ImageTwist Pays Publishers

Here are the tiered rates ImageTwist pays. Please note that these numbers are as of writing this and changes from time-to-time. If this information is incorrect, contact me and I’ll update it.

Tier 1 – $5.50 Per 1000 Unique Views
Tier 2 – $1.20 Per 1000 Unique Views
Tier 3 – $0.10 – $0.22 Per 1000 Unique Views
Tier 4 – $0.02 – $0.12 Per 1000 Unique Views


ImageTwist Payout Options and Min Payout

The minimum payout for ImageTwist is $4.00 for all payout types other than PayPal. The PayPal minimum payout is $10.00. Once you’ve reached the payment threshold, you can request a payment. The payment options are PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Amazon gift voucher and Webmoney.


Tricks To Making Money With ImageTwist

There are tons of ways you can make money using ImageTwist. ImageTwist is very unique because you don’t even need a website or blog to make money. Earn simply by referring traffic. Your traffic doesn’t even need to click on any of the display ads for you to get paid. Here are some tactics for making money using ImageTwist:

Porn-Pinning Sites – Seeing how ImageTwist is an image-sharing network, the porn-pinning sites are great for driving traffic. Simply go to the image page after uploading it and use the pin-it button supplied by the porn-pinning site to pin your photo. All these sites allow for image click-through links. Anyone that clicks-through from the porn-pinning site will earn you money.

Forums – Be careful with this! Some forums have banned ImageTwist domains. It might be worth doing some research first. There are tons of adult forums out there and they get some epic traffic. If you can find forums that allow the sharing if ImageTwist thumbnails, you can make some good money. Use the forum codes provided by ImageTwist for this.

Social Media – There’s plenty of adult-friendly social networks out there that can be used to drive traffic to the ImageTwist image. Social media is great because it’s 100% free and you’ve got the opportunity to reach a wide audience. Social media works great with ImageTwist.

Scene Preview Thumbnails – This is very popular in the Torrent community, although that’s getting extremely blackhat. If you’ve got a reason to be displaying a scene preview, upload it to ImageTwist and share the ImageTwist thumbnail.


Register For ImageTwist Today!

Ready to get started? Register for ImageTwist today! ImageTwist is a very unique ad network that can be very profitable. You don’t need a website to make money from ImageTwist. Get paid from social media, forums and other traffic sources. Earn money from each unique view. ImageTwist has a high paying top-tier and makes it very easy to earn. ImageTwist also handles all of the web hosting, saving you money!


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