JuicyAds: Adult Display Ads, Pop-Unders & Redirects

JuicyAds: Adult Display Ads, Pop-Unders & Redirects

JuicyAds – Publishers: Monetize Your Site Advertisers: Buy Traffic

Monetize your website or buy traffic using JuicyAds. JuicyAds is an adult-friendly publisher ad network that’s insanely easy to use and offers multiple ad-types. Advertisers can bid on traffic or do direct-buy, purchasing a specific ad-zone on a publisher website. JuicyAds offers display ads, pop-unders and mobile redirect scripts. JuicyAds is also very involved with the adult webmaster community, hosting several events and being involved with many more. Here’s the details on JuicyAds.


Add Adult Display Advertisements To Your Website Or Blog

Add adult display ads to your website or blog. Display advertisements are the most common ad type out there. JuicyAds allows you to choose between a wide range of different ad types. The process is insanely simple. Choose the dimensions of the ad type you want to create and JuicyAds will generate a code snippet and an advertisement preview. Simply copy and paste that code snippet into your website where you want the ad to be displayed. Advertisers will bid on the ad placement, or do directbuy which earns you more money.


Monetize Your Website With Pop-Under Ads

Pop-unders are pop-ads that opens up a window in the background instead of in front of the content your traffic is viewing. This makes them less intrusive than traditional pop-ads. Adding pop-unders to your site is incredibly profitable. This is because bids for pop-unders are much higher and the traffic doesn’t have to click on an ad to get credit for the click. Adding a pop-under is as easy as copying and pasting a code snippet in the header of your site.


Make Money Off Your Mobile Traffic With Redirect Scripts

Although mobile redirects can be insanely profitable, I personally don’t recommend them. This is because it’s a poor user experience and search engines such as Google don’t like them. It’s a poor user experience because your traffic gets redirected to an advertisement instead of reaching the content they’re trying to access. Search engines don’t like them because you’re treating mobile traffic different than other traffic, which is actually against their webmaster guidelines. There have been events where webmasters have gotten Google manual actions over mobile redirect scripts.

If you’re not highly reliant on search engine traffic and don’t care about the user-experience of your mobile browsers, then mobile redirect scripts can be very profitable. If you’re concerned about SEO and the user-experience, might want to consider passing-up on this ad type.


JuicyAds Payout Types and Minimum Payouts

Advertisers have the opportunity to bid on ad-space either by CPM or CPC and publishers are paid out accordingly. Most advertisers choose CPC. The minimum payout is $50 and publishers are able to withdraw money at any time, once the payment threshold has been met. Some payout types have higher min payouts and there’s some fees associated with certain payout types. Payments are made through PayPal, Paxum, Payza or check.


Register For JuicyAds Today!

Ready to get started? Register today! JuicyAds makes it incredibly easy to monetize your website or bid on ad space and generate traffic. JuicyAds is insanely easy to use and gives you the choice of multiple ad types to choose from. Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, there’s something for everyone with JuicyAds.


More Adult-Friendly Publisher / Advertiser Networks

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