Make Money: Affiliate Marketing Through

How To Make Money Off is the Pinterest of porn. It behaves the exact same way as Pinterest; you pin photos and videos to boards you create. Except everything on is adult in nature. There’s tons of ways you can make money off You can do so by using the site to drive traffic to your niche sites. There’s also some ways that you can monetize directly. Here’s some tactics for making money on the site.


Monetize With Affiliate Links and Banners

Every account is able to upload banner artwork and set a click-through link. This banner (with the link) will appear underneath each of your pins. What’s even better is that the banner will appear under every one of your pins that gets repinned as well! There is tons of ways that you can leverage this. Here’s how:

Set Affiliate Link / Affiliate Banner – Register for an adult affiliate program. Every affiliate program will have banner artwork to choose from. Find a program that offers the same size artwork that requires. Simply upload the desired banner artwork and set the click-through link for your affiliate link. Now every time you pin something, your banner will appear below your pin. The banner will also appear on any repins as well.

Use Banner To Drive Website Traffic – If you don’t want to send the traffic directly to an affiliate offer, it’s possible to monetize the traffic the banner generates by sending it to a porn site you’ve built. Once you’ve driven traffic to the site, it’s possible to monetize it by any means you see fit.

Send Traffic To Linkbucks – I’m personally a much bigger fan of affiliate marketing, but if you want to make money off every banner click, you can consider using a Linkbucks link as the click-through link. You can set the destination URL to whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Preferably to another site you can monetize. You’ll get paid for every click. Please note: You need a lot of volume for this to be really successful, which is totally possible.


Monetize By Pinning Your Own Content

If you’re running your own gallery / photo porn sites, it’s possible to make money by pinning your own content. You’re not monetizing directly through this, but you are referring traffic. The idea is that people will find your content on and click-through to see more. Once the traffic reaches your site, you can monetize it using traditional means, either through adult ad networks or affiliate marketing, most likely.


How To Automate Through WordPress (Or RSS)

Now that we know how to make money off, it’s time to put it on autopilot. If you’re running a WordPress porn site, that means that you can easily post the featured images from all your new posts.  This is a great way to use to drive traffic to your site without having to manually pin anything. will automatically try to select relevant tags based off the keywords of the title and description. If you’re not running a WordPress site, anything with an RSS feed can be used as well.


Using Someone Else’s RSS To Automate

If you don’t run a web property with an RSS feed, you can also automate the posting through somebody elses RSS feeds. This can be an effective tactic if you’re affiliate marketing through the banner links and not trying to drive traffic from the link to the original pinned content. If you’re using someone else’s RSS feed to drive traffic, the tactic is simple:

Step 1) Pick Out A Niche Affiliate Offer – For example; “Teen”, “Anal”, “Big Tits”, whatever.

Step 2) Find An RSS Feed In That Niche – Find a site (or blog) that contains an RSS feed and the type of photo content as the affiliate offer you’re trying to promote.

Step 3) Automatically Build Niche Account – Since the RSS feed is a specific niche, the account will only pin content within that niche. Since you’ve got a relevant affiliate offer as your banner, it’s something your traffic will be interested in. The secret is matching the content to the affiliate offer as it caters to the fetish your traffic is intersted in.

Step ) Scale To Different Niches – You can scale to different niches simply by creating a new account and rinsing / repeating. Choose a new niche and a new niche offer / banner. Since everything’s RSS-driven, as long as the RSS feed is populated with new items, your accounts will automatically post without your intervention, drving traffic to the affiliate offers your promoting..