Is There Money In Adult Affiliate Marketing?

Riley Reid
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Can You Make Good Money In Adult Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably doing some research to figure out if there’s money in adult affiliate marketing. The truth is; yes and no. There is tons of cash to be made, but it’s also highly competitive and the tube industry has done a lot to undermine profitability. But, if you’ve got tenacity and are able to figure out what works, there is tons of money to be made. Here’s some thoughts and considerations for prospective adult affiliate marketers.


Adult Affiliate Marketing Can Be Insanely Competitive

Don’t think you can slap a site together and instantly rank for “free porn”. The adult industry is insanely competitive. You’re going up against tube site giants, all the other affiliates in the industry and the pay sites themselves. But even with how competitive it is, there is TONS of traffic. Seriously, people will even browse through 10+ pages in the SERPs just to find what they’re looking for. That doesn’t happen in any other niches. So don’t let the competition make you feel intimidated. There’s plenty of traffic to go around. Focus on the longtails, start driving traffic and let the keywords slowly gain traction.


Adult Affiliate Programs Offer A Generous Revshare

Adult affiliate programs offer some very generous revshares. There’s also PPL and PPS programs, but we all know that revshare is where the real money is at. And when I’m talking generous, I mean 50% or more! So even though it’s competitive and free porn is killing profits, when your traffic converts, you make some great money. And you’ll keep making great money as long as your referrals stay subscribed to the service.


Has “Free Porn” Killed All The Profits?

You’ll probably hear around that there’s no money in adult entertainment in the tube generation. Although tube sites have changed the way people consume porn, and it’s impacted affiliate profits hard, that is not true. In fact, the tube sites themselves monetize through affiliate marketing. In order for a company to get a branded tube channel, they need to have affiliate offers that meet the requirements of the tube site. The tube sites themselves are profiting from adult affiliate marketing.

So let that sink in: Customers will click on a banner displayed next to the free porn, and signup for the site, in order to see more content and/or the HD version. If that’s not proof that free porn hasn’t killed pay sites, I don’t know what is. Sure, conversion rates aren’t what they used to be, but it’s not completely dead. Camming sites (which are lucrative and covered more below) is another concept that defies this statement. Camming is live, interactive and contains real amateur girls. The live and interactive part is something that tube and torrent sites can’t compromise)


Pretty Much Every Adult Network Has An Affiliate Program

All pay sites and producers know the value of affiliate marketing. Hell, for them to have branded tube site channels, they’re required to have an affiliate program. In fact, while I’m writing this, I’m trying to think of an adult site that doesn’t have an affiliate program. A couple camming sites come to mind, but that’s about it. Camming, itself is somewhat of a different beast to begin with though. Off the top of my head, I can’t name one adult network that doesn’t have an affiliate program. Hell, even the tube sites pay a CPM on traffic webmasters are able to send their way.


People That *ACTUALLY* Pay For Porn Keep Paying

Yes, due to free porn, conversion rates have dropped. But for the conversions you do get, they generally keep paying. Of course this varies from site to site. For example; if they join, don’t like the content or it’s old and stale, obviously they’re not going to keep subscribed. However, if they like the site and the content, people that pay for porn keep paying. And since pretty much every program offers a very generous revshare, this means residual income for you.


Make Sure To Pair Niche Sites To Niche Offers

This is true with affiliate marketing in general, but even more true for the adult industry. You need to make sure you pair the right offers with the right niches / fetishes. Niche sites perform way better than general, more broad sites. As an added bonus, they’re easier to do SEO on. It’s also possible to deploy a niche site for every fetish you want to promote.

When someone is searching for content within a specific fetish, they don’t want to have to dig through tons of irrelevant content to find what they’re looking for. Having a site populated with only the type of content they’re currently pursuing is very powerful. Remember, that people will also dig through tons of SERP pages to find just that, too. If they find your site, they’ll see that it’s only got the type of stuff they’re into. Great for traffic. Pairing the affiliate offers for that specific fetish will drastically help your conversion rates.

If you’re running a broad, general site, make sure that you have something in place to display the appropriate ads next to the right content. Otherwise, you might as well just go for PPC / CPM instead.


Adult Camming Is An Affiliate Marketing Gold Mine!

The one area that free porn can’t effect is live camming. Camming is interactive in nature and features real amateur girls. Consumers have been steadily looking for amateurs instead of big name porn stars. That has coaxed studios into shooting POV content that looks homemade and submitted. The customers aren’t fooled. They know the only way to find the real girl next door is on the camming sites. And they get to interact with them!

Don’t get me wrong, there are still freeloaders that refuse to pay. This is more true with public chat sites (public room pitches in towards tip goals) than it is with private sites. And there is still an issue of capped shows being uploaded to tube sites and torrent sites. But pirated shows can’t provide the interactive element of live camming. There will always be appeal to seeing a girl perform live. Especially if you’re the one able to direct the shows. This makes camming a gold mine!

On a personal note, live adult camming is where I’m making the majority of my money now. This includes my adult projects as well as the mainstream projects. In fact, I’ve sunsetted some my projects in order to free up more time to focus on the camming niche. I’m also making money with both customer and model traffic. There is ways to monetize all the different sides of the camming vertical. Camming itself is such a big thing that I’ve made a resource site for camming webmasters / affiliates.

The industry is only growing, too. As more countries are able to gain good internet, those models and customers are exploring cam-land. With technology such as VR, the camming sites are starting to innovate. Interactive sex toys is another area where the industry is going. This might be as simple as vibrators interacting with the tips, or a s complex as having a synced female and male toys for something truly interactive.

Camming is so lucrative, that you’re seeing big name pornstars adopting camming or going completely amateur. These names include Anna Abella, Dakota Skye, Megan Rain, Abby Lee Brazil and more. This is good news for camming affiliates. If they’re making more money this route, that means that customers are paying for shows. If you’re the one referring those customers, you’re collecting a revshare from the action.


Can Also Monetize Through Adult Publisher Networks

In addition to affiliate marketing, you can also make money running adult ads on your site. These ads behave very similar to AdSense and other publisher / advertiser ad networks. Don’t expect to be getting the same CPC as you would with AdSense though. Adult traffic is cheap. But on the flip-side, there’s tons of adult traffic to be driven.

Getting paid CPM / CPC can be nice, as it’s somewhat of a guaranteed income. All the traffic needs to do is click in order to count. With pop-unders, redirects and other ad types, the user doesn’t even need to click on the actual ad, either. These ad types pay more, too. Be careful with redirect scripts though. Google has blatantly stated they don’t like ads that treat different types of traffic differently and have handed out manual actions to sites with these ads.

The drawback of advertiser / publisher networks, is that you’re not getting that generous revshare. If you’re traffic and offers convert, the revshare affiliate programs would definitely be the way to go. If your traffic doesn’t convert, than obviously you’re not going to make any money off affiliate marketing, and the CPC / CPM would be more profitable.

Remember that it’s also possible to take a hybrid approach. You can rock affiliate banners as well as ads from publisher / advertiser networks.


List of Adult Affiliate Programs To Promote

Ready to get started? Check out our list of adult affiliate programs to see what’s available for promotion. We’ve got the affiliate programs separated by niche / fetish. That makes it very easy to find the type of programs that will work for your particular traffic. Our comparison chart shows you what kind of commissions are offered and what promo tools the affiliate network provides for their webmasters. This makes it easy to find the type of affiliate programs that work best for you!