OnlyFans: Money Making App for Pornstars, Escorts, Instagram Models


OnlyFans: Subscription-Based Social Media / Mobile App

OnlyFans is a new social network / mobile application that allows models to monetize their social media. The concept is simple; all the content (outside of the basic text) is censored until a user subscribes to that person. When the user subscribes, they can start seeing the photos and videos.

Models can choose whether to allow people to subscribe for free, or a charge a monthly subscription fee to access the content. For the models that are charging for access, this creates a residual income from the monthly rebills. The more people subscribed, the greater the monthly income. There’s also other ways models can earn, such as receiving tips or sending messages with locked content the user has to pay to unlock.

OnlyFans has attracted pornstars, camgirls, escorts, Instagram stars, glamour models, fitness models and more.While networks like Instagram and Tumblr are great for promotion, these apps don’t make it easy for models to make money. OnlyFans compensates these models for their hard work.

Here’s all the details on the OnlyFans network / app.


Who Can Use The App / Network

Pretty much anyone can use the app. That being said, there’s certain niches that benefit from OnlyFans more so than others. Here’s the type of people that the social

Instagram Models – If you’re an Instafamous model, OnlyFans is a perfect fit for you. Instagram models are able to tap into the Instagram following and convert them into paying subscribers. Since OnlyFans allows for NSFW content, Instagram models can also promote their OnlyFans profile as containing your “Naughty Content”. Keep in mind to keep a SFW profile / cover photo though.

Camgirls – Camgirls feel right at home with OnlyFans. OnlyFans allows camming models to earn a residual income from the monthly subscription rebills. OnlyFans can also be used to promote the camming shows. This could be as simple as including a link to the chatroom in the website field (use affiliate deep-linking to make extra income!). Many camgirls will also post to OnlyFans when they’re going online.

Fitness Models – There is a huge fitness model community on OnlyFans and fitness models do very good. Like Instagram models, they’re able to tap into their pre-existing following and turn fans into subscribers. If they want to get a little risque on OnlyFans, they can, too. Unlike Instagram and other social networks.

Escorts – I was surprised to see how many escorts are using OnlyFans and having success with it! Your normally don’t see as many escorts camming, doing clips or offering these other services. So to see a large community of successful escorts on OnlyFans is interesting.

Professional Pornstars – There is a huge list of professional pornstars on OnlyFans. These models perform insanely well, as they’ve got name-power within the industry. OnlyFans allows pornstars to offer a more personalized experience and interact with their fans. All while making additional revenue through the subscriptions.

Femdoms / Findoms – OnlyFans has a huge femdom community. Especially Findom. Because Findom is all about forking out cash, OnlyFans is a good fit. Findoms are also able to charge way more for their subscriptions, and the paypigs will pay it.

Amateur Pornstars – OnlyFans is great for amateur pornstars. This ranges from couple Pornhub producers, to models producing and selling the content on the clip sites. Not only does Onlyfans offer a new revenue stream, but it’s also a way to promote the new content, give behind the scenes access and promote new clips as they launch.

Phone Sex Operators – Mobile apps continue to expand and evolve the phone sex industry. Most notable is Snapchat. There’s tons of adult stars making great money off Snapchat subscription. OnlyFans is another one of those app networks, and much newer than Snapchat. I have no doubt that OnlyFans will continue to be adopted by PSOs as the network grows. Especially since OnlyFans is adult-friendly and has built-in payment processing. Snapchat, on the other hand, doesn’t allow for adult content and doesn’t allow for selling access. So technically, all the models selling Snapchat subscriptions are going against Snapchat’s TOS.


(And on the non-adult side)

Although OnlyFans is a perfect fit for adult stars, there’s mainstream applications, too. Here are some examples of mainstream people who can take advantage of OnlyFans.

Social Media Celebrities – If you’re a social media celebrity, whether it’s YouTube, instafamous or something else, OnlyFans is a perfect fit. It’s away to tap into your social media following and turn them into paying fans. It’s also another way to interact 1-on-1 with your fans.

Consultants – People pay for consulting services. This ranges from life couches to business consultants. If you’re a professional consultant, you can make money through subscriptions. Customers will have to subscribe to you in order to gain access to the hints, tips and hacks you provide. The network can also be used to interact 1-on-1 with customers for more personalized help.


More Information About OnlyFans

Here’s all the main features of the OnlyFans network.


Earn 80% Commissions

OnlyFans pays out 80% to models. This is one of the highest payouts in the industry. Combine that with a low minimum payment and daily payouts, and OnlyFans is a winner! Because of the high percentage, it makes more sense to use OnlyFans for offline tips than it would to use a camming site, clip site or most other networks.


Daily Payouts

Payouts are made automatically and daily though with a delay of up to seven days. This means when, for example, you get a new subscriber, someone renews the subscription or tips you on the 1st of the month — this transaction is initiated on the 7th. This way on the 8th we’ll initiate a transaction for the earnings that were made on the 2nd and so on. Most banks process these within couple of days. The exception is the first payout, which is typically 7 days due to the banking and legal information verification process. So your first payout should hit your bank account in a week after the status changes to “Complete”.


Android and iPhone Mobile App

In addition to the desktop version, OnlyFans also offers a mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. The mobile app makes it easy to add new content to your OnlyFans page. You can choose from media from your gallery, or use the app to snap new photos or videos. The mobile app can also be used to stream via Fanscope and send messages on the platform.


Fanscope: Live Camming

Fanscope is a live camming functionality built into OnlyFans. Fanscope can be accessed from the desktop version of the site, as well as through the OnlyFans app. With Fanscope, you’re able to incentivize your fans to stay subscribed from shows. OnlyFans also has a built in tipping functionality, and models can treat the camming functionality like traditionally camming sites, through tip goals / tip menus.


Pay-To-View Messages

In addition to earning from subscriptions and tips, OnlyFans members can also make money from sending locked messages. Simply compose the message, upload the media and set your price. When the user receives the message, they’ll be prompted on whether or not they want to pay to unlock it. If they choose to view the media, their account will automatically be charged.


Signup For OnlyFans Today!

Ready to get started with OnlyFans? Signup today! OnlyFans makes it easy to make money from monthly subscriptions. Build a residual income from the rebills and use the platform to promote your other products and services. The OnlyFans mobile app makes it incredibly easy to upload new content directly from your phone. Whether it’s sexy selfies, short clips or something different. Plus, OnlyFans has one of the highest payouts in the industry.