Plugrush: Adult-friendly Publisher / Advertiser Ad Network


Plugrush: Buy and Sell Adult Traffic – Ads, Pop-Unders and More!

Whether you’re looking for ways to monetize your site or places for trading or purchasing traffic, Plugrush is a great network to consider. Plugrush offers a wide range of ad types and great payout rates. The site features a wide range of advertisement types, including display ads, pop-unders, mobile redirects, IM ads and interstitials. Plugrush has a low minimum payout and offers a wide selection of payout types. Here’s all the details on the Plugrush network.


Adult Display Advertisements / Banners

Plugrush has some very beautiful and clickable display ad banners that they refer to as “Plugs”. These plugs can either be responsive or a set finish-size. The responsive plugs will automatically adjust to fit the screen size. There’s tons of categories to choose from to make sure that the offers match the same niche as your website.

Plugrush: Adult Display Ads

If you’re not happy with the default ad styles, it’s possible to fully customize the ad types. You can change the size and shape of the thumbnails, the fonts and colors of the title and description texts and more. This is perfect for better making the plugs match up with the style, colors and themes of your website. The more you can match the layout of the ads to the layout of the site, they’ll be less intrusive and more clickable. You can also fully customize the finish size to better match the areas you want to place the ads.

Customize Plugrush Display Ads


Adult Pop-Under Ad Types

Pop-unders are incredibly popular ad types. The reason pop-unders are so profitable is that you get paid for every visitor that trips the pop-under. That means anyone that clicks anywhere on your site. Therefore, it’s easier to get pop-under clicks than it is to get display ad clicks. Pop-unders also pay more per click than most display ads.

Plugrush PopUnders

The Plugrush pop-unders are all controlled through the Plugrush admin area and doesn’t require another javascript code snippet. Simply check the box next to the pop-unders from No to Yes and that’s all you need to do to enable pop-unders on your site.


Adult Mobile Redirect Scripts

Plugrush also supports mobile redirect scripts. I’m not a huge fan of mobile redirects, as it’s a poor user experience and Google looks at it as treating users differently, which is against their TOS. If you’re highly dependant upon Google traffic, I’d advise staying far away from mobile redirect scripts. If you’ve got web properties that are 100% referral, social or direct traffic, than you don’t have to worry about tanking search results and mobile redirects pay out a lot of money!

Plugrush Mobile Redirect

The Plugrush mobile redirect scripts are activated the same way. Simply check Yes instead of No on the section for mobile redirect scripts and they’ll automatically be added to your site. No need to add a new and separate javascript snippet, it’s all done from the same code you originally added.


Instant Messaging (IM) Advertisements

Instant Messaging (IM) ads are ad types that resemble instant messaging chat boxes. These ads are usually timed to pop-up after the user has been on the site for a specific amount of time. IM ads are anchored to a specific section of the screen and moves with it as the user scrolls. IM ads are very popular in the camming or dating niche.

Plugrush IM Ads

The Plugrush IM ads behave the same way as the other additional ad types. Simply check Yes right next to IM ads and they’ll be added to your site without having to add another piece of javascript.


Interstitial Ad Types

Interstitial ads are ads that take up the full screen. They usually have an x button in the top right corner of the screen and sometimes they’ll make users wait a little while until they can exit out. Interstitial ads are effective because they take up the whole screen and makes users exit out. They’re also considered annoying because of that same reason. It’s about finding a balance between monetization and the user experience.

Plugrush Interstitial

Interstitial ads are added the same way as the other additional ad types. Simply check Yes instead of No next to the interstitial ad types and they’ll be added to your site without having to modify the code.


WordPress Plugin + Integration

If you’ve built your porn site in WordPress, then you can use the Plugrush plugin to easily manage everything directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Plugrush WordPress Plugin

The plugin allows you to enable or disable any of the ad zones directly from the dashboard. The plugin will also enable the Plugrush widget. The Plugrush widget makes it incredibly fast and easy to add display ads to any of your widget space.


Sign Up For Plugrush and Start Trading Traffic Today!

Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser or both, Plugrush has something for you. Register for Plugrush today and start monetizing your website traffic, or use the network to purchase traffic and advertise. Plugrush is a great ad network and one that every adult webmaster should be a part of.


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