Plugrush WordPress Plugin: Monetize Adult Sites



Easily Monetize Your Adult WordPress Site With Plugrush

Plugrush is a very popular adult publisher / advertiser network. Publishers are able to place advertisements on their site, making them money. Advertisers are able to bid on the ads being displayed on the network of publisher sites. Plugrush has a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to modify the different ad zone settings, directly from your WordPress dashboard. Publishers can make changes without having to login to Plugrush or swap out javascript. Here’s all the details on the Plugrush WordPress plugin.


How To Install The Plugrush Plugin

Installing the Plugrush plugin is easy. Simply do a search for “Plugrush” in the Add New Plugin section of your WordPress dashhboard. There should be only one plugin that comes up, developed by Plugrush. Install the plugin. In order to finalize the installation and configure your ad types, you’ll need to get the API key.

Install Plugrush WordPress Plugin

After installing the plugin, go to the plugin setting page. You’ll see the above fields. Enter your Plugrush email address. Click on the API Settings hyperlink. It’ll bring up the Plugrush page that will supply you with your API key. Keep in mind that you must be logged into Plugrush in order to access the page containing your API key. Click Save Changes. Now you’re able to configure the settings on your site.


Easily Add Pop-Unders and Mobile Redirects

Simply by checking a box, you can add pop-unders and mobile redirect ads to your WordPress site. No need to copy/paste javascript into the website header. It’s also possible to indicate an alternative URL for when ads can’t be displayed.

Please Note: While mobile redirect scripts can be very profitable, they provide a poor user experience and are against Google’s TOS. It’s advised to stay away from any kind of redirect script, especially if you rely heavily on Google traffic. Pop-unders are awesome and profitable, so it’s advised to use that ad type!


Create Plugs From New WordPress Posts

If you’re using the plugs feature to drive traffic to your site, you can automatically make new Plugrush plugs with every new blog post. The Plugin will automatically use the featured image to add new plugs directly within Plugrush. Please note, that you can enable or disable this for individual posts. This is done by clicking on the checkbox that is added to the sidebar of the New Post screen.


Plugrush WordPress WidgetPlugrush WordPress Widget

Last but not least is the Plugrush Widget. This allows you to easily swap the various widgets you’ve designed. You can add Plugrush ads to any widget area supported by your WordPress theme.

Unfortunately, Plugrush doesn’t allow you to design your own advertisements directly through the WordPress dashboard. You’ll still need to design them within the Plugrush site. It does make swapping out ads quick and easy, however.


Not Already A Plugrush Publisher / Advertiser? Register Today!

Not already a Plugrush publisher or advertiser? Register today! Plugrush is one of the leading adult publisher / advertiser networks. Use Plugrush to monetize your adult sites and other web presences, or to purchase traffic for your site. Plugrush is easy to use, has a huge network of websites and advertisers, and features some very good looking and clickable ads. Get started with Plugrush today!

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