Plugz Shutting Down – List of Plugz Alternatives

Plugz Shutting Down - List of Plugz Alternatives

Plugz Discontinued – Here’s The Alternatives

The adult-friendly ad network Plugz is to discontinue this November. Plugz publishers and advertisers received an email today announcing the news. The following message was also added to the main Plugz domain:

Plugz is ending all activity to focus on new challenges. We want to thank all the advertisers and publishers who have worked hand with us all these years. Plugz members will be able to log into their accounts until November 15, 2016 to continue to refer to stats and claim any remaining account balance. After this date, the whole platform will close and all requests will need to be sent by email. We hope to see you soon with new projects! It was a pleasure working with you.

If you’re a Plugz publisher or advertiser, that means it’s time to find a replacement. Here’s some Plugz alternatives for you to consider.


Other Adult Publisher / Advertiser Networks

There are many adult publisher ad networks out there. These networks allow you to monetize your website or purchase adult traffic for your website. Plugz was very limited in the number of different ad zones offered to affiliates. Some of the ad networks offer many more ad types, such as pop-unders, IM ads, pagepeels, redirect scripts and more.

Many of these networks are much larger, too. Being part of a larger network means that there’s more advertisers and publishers, which means more ads are being sold and it’s easier to pair the best advertisers and publishers together. This is great for everyone and ultimately means more profits.


List of Adult-Friendly Ad Networks

Site Banner Pop-Under Redirects IM Ads Page Peels More Info
ClickPapa Yes Yes Yes Yes No ClickPapa
EroAdvertising Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes EroAdvertising
ExoClick Yes Yes Yes Yes No ExoClick
ExoticAds Yes No No No No ExoticAds
JuicyAds Yes Yes Yes No No JuicyAds
Plugrush Yes Yes Yes Yes No Plugrush


Replace Plugz Ad Zones With Affiliate Ads

In addition to running different network ads on your site, you can also replace your Plugz ad zones with affiliate ads. With affiliate marketing, you’re not going to get paid for every click and/or impression. When you get conversions, however, you’ll either get a healthy commission or a lifetime share of the revenue. This can be much more profitable in the long run. The secret is you need to match up the right offers for your traffic.

We’ve got a directory filled with tons of different affiliate programs. It’s separated by niche / fetish, making it incredibly easy to find the affiliate programs that match the niche of your traffic. Play around with some different affiliate offers and see which ones convert the best for your sites.

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