Pornstars: Make Money Offering Premium Snapchat


Guide To Setting Up / Selling Private Snapchat

Premium Snapchat (or Private Snapchat) is a service that pornstars and camgirls can offer and make money off of. Premium Snapchat isn’t something that is officially supported by Snapchat and requires the use of outside payment processors to collect money for the subscriptions. Here is everything you need to know about setting up your private Snapchat account and accepting payments for subscriptions.


What Is Premium Snapchat?

Before we get into how to set one up and start making money, let’s talk more about the concept of private Snapchat itself. A premium Snapchat account is just a normal Snapchat account. The only difference is that the user must pay the performer before they’re able to get added to the story / account. This differs from a promotional account or user account, which do not require a subscription fee to access.


How To Setup A Premium Snapchat

A premium Snapchat account is just a normal Snapchat account. It’s not a special type of account. Models manage their subscribers using a network which tells them who subscribes and unsubscribes or manually with a spreadsheet or other form of organization. The model is responsible for adding and removing subscribers accordingly.

A premium Snapchat account can either be setup as a story that only your subscribers can see, or a completely different account. There’s advantages and disadvantages of going either way. The advantage of running it on an individual story is that you can have a combined public / premium account. The disadvantage is that if one account gets banned, the other one gets banned. This makes running two separate accounts much safer.


How To Accept Payments For Premium Snap

When charging for premium Snapchat, it’s important to use an adult-friendly network or payment processor. It can be tempting to use PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or other more affordable methods to accept payments. This is because they will save money on transaction fees. Although going this route will work for a while, eventually the account will get banned and any money will be frozen. This is because none of these apps support adult content and services and eventually you’ll get reported. This is especially true with the ongoing #ThotAudit.

Luckily, there are plenty of options available. Many of the networks will also provide traffic for you, which will result in more sales. Here are the best networks for selling private Snapchat subscriptions.



FanCentro: Premium Snapchat, Instagram and Fanclubs

FanCentro is the leading premium Snapchat network. They’ve got the best traffic and offer other services besides Snapchat subscriptions. FanCentro pays out 75% of all sales. FanCentro also has a highly trafficked model directory that will get you increased exposure. If you’ve also got other camming sites or clip sites, you can list them on your profile, driving sales for your other products and services. FanCentro also has an affiliate program that models can opt into. This gains increased exposure from other websites.


Teddy's Girls

Teddy’s Girls: Premium Snapchat and Clips

Teddy’s Girls is another network for premium Snapchat subscription. In addition to Snap, models can also make money from clip sales. Teddy’s Girls is a little bit different as they’re semi-exclusive. That means that not every performer will get approved and there is a vetting process. This does make the network less competitive, however. There’s also Teddy’s Boys for all the male performers out there.



Membershyp: Premium Snapchat, Kik and Instagram

Membershyp is another network that can be used to sell your subscriptions. In addition to premium Snapchat, Membershyp also supports Instagram and Kik as well. Membershyp models make between 70% and 90%. Membershyp also has a model directory that gains you increased exposure.



IndieBill: High Percentage Payment Processor For Models

IndieBill isn’t your average network. They’re more like a profile page and payment processor geared towards indie pornstars. IndieBill pays out 85% and covers all chargebacks. That’s one of the best rates in the entire industry. IndieBill wasn’t designed for Snapchat subscriptions, but can be used for such. Because of it’s high percentage, it’s used by many performers.



Unblur Media: High Percentage Payouts For Models

Unblur Media is another high percentage platform, very comparable to IndieBill. Unblur offers 85% payouts with chargebacks covered. Unblur Media isn’t a network, but rather a profile page and high percentage platform for models. Although Unblur isn’t geared specifically for Snapchat, it’s still used for payments due to the high percentage.



ManyVids: Leading Adult Clip Site

ManyVids is primarily used for clip sales. If you’re not already producing and selling videos, it’s another service that you should definitely look into. ManyVids also supports a wide range of other services, including Snapchat. There’s multiple ways to leverage ManyVids for Snapchat sales. It’s possible to indicate Snapchat through their built in sexting feature. It’s also possible to create custom store items for Snapchat access.



JustForFans: Leading Network For Male / Gay Performers

JustForFans is primarily a fanclub platform and clip store, but supports a wide range of services. Through the custom store item feature, models can sell Snapchat access. There’s even a specific section of the site dedicated to Snapchat subscriptions. Although JustForFans is open to all models regardless of gender, they’re very popular in the male / gay niche.


More Snapchat Information / Tips


Unlimited Access Vs Subscriptions

There are two main ways to offer premium Snap. You can either offer unlimited / lifetime access, or you can charge reoccurring subscriptions. For pornstars who are wanting to offer subscriptions, it’s also possible to create different pricing tiers. For example; one rate for monthly subscriptions, one rate for 3-month duration and another rate for annual subscriptions. It’s also possible to offer unlimited access in addition to subscriptions.


Snapchat Doesn’t Allow Nudes / Explicit Content

This is very important for anyone offering premium Snapchat to know. Snapchat doesn’t allow for nudes or explicit content. That doesn’t stop people from doing it, but be aware that your account may get banned as a result. In addition to not being able to snap nudes, you’re also not able to link to explicit websites or content, and certain porn sites have been flagged.

This is why it’s a good idea to keep your private separate from your public / promotional. If your private account gets banned, you still have your promotional, which can be used to share your new account once created.



OnlyFans: Premium Snapchat Alternative

If you’re interested in offering premium Snapchat, also check out OnlyFans. OnlyFans is the best premium Snapchat alternative. It’s also adult friendly. It’s not app-based, which is the main difference between premium Snap and OnlyFans. But you also don’t have to worry about your account getting banned. OnlyFans is a premium social media, where users have to subscribe in order to access your profile and feed. The payment processing is built in, meaning no 3rd party is required.