Social Media Marketing For Porn Sites (Adult-Friendly Sites!)


Social Media Marketing For Adult Brands

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool. Unless you’re buying ads, outsourcing or buying followers, it’s also 100% free. Unfortunately for the adult industry, not every social network is adult-friendly. And even the ones that are still have restrictions, such as buying advertisements for example. Luckily not all the social media sites have turned their back on adult (yet). Also, there’s some social media sites that cater exclusively to porn. Here’s all the information for social media marketing for adult sites.


What Is Social Media Marketing?

For those completely brand new to social media marketing, the core concept is simple: Social media marketing is using social networks to drive traffic and sales. There’s a couple elements to social media marketing: building up a strong follower-base, using hashtags, shares and other site features to gain organic reach outside the following, and ultimately getting the people from the social network onto the website where the traffic can be monetized.


List of Adult-Friendly Social Media Sites

As mentioned above, there is a good number of social networks dedicated specifically for the adult industry. These networks are great, as you know they’ll never turn their back on porn. The other mainstream ones still supporting adult content? It’s just a matter of time and until that day, they’ll continue to get more and more strict on obscene content. Here are the adult-friendly social networks.



AdultNode: Facebook-Like Social Media Site

AdultNode is a social network very similar to Facebook in a lot of ways, but 100% adult-friendly and porn-oriented. AdultNode members can find everything they expect from Facebook. There’s a main feed showing the content from everyone the user follows, the user’s feed that shows all their content, profiles, connections, groups, private messaging and all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a social media site.



AVN Stars: Social Media and Adult Fanclub Platform

AVN Stars is an adult-friendly social media site that can also double as a fanclub platform. It’s possible to post public content, as well as premium content that users must subscribe to access. This makes it great for both promotion, as well as monetization. Being that AVN Stars is an AVN product, it is highly integrated into AVN. AVN Stars profiles are displayed on the main AVN site and all the nominations and voting for the AVN Awards is now done through AVN Stars.


ManyVids MV Social

MV Social: Social Feed Powered by ManyVids

ManyVids MV Social is sort of a stretch, but still worth mentioning. MV Social is the social media feed built into ManyVids, a leading clip site. It’s very basic: A social media feed with the ability to like, comment and share. In addition to MV Social, ManyVids also has MV Tube. MV Tube is branded as an “ethical tube site”. Because it’s only for verified MV Stars, there’s no piracy and ManyVids takes complaints very seriously. ManyVids also pays a CPM on MV Tube views.



NewTumbl: Adult-Friendly Tumblr Alternative

NewTumbl is a Tumblr alternative. As we all know, Tumblr used to be adult-friendly, but gave adult the boot. NewTumbl is one of the Tumblr alternatives available on the market. NewTumbl looks and behaves very similar to Tumblr. NewTumbl supports text, photo, quote, link, audio and video posts. There’s also likes, comments and reblogs. Best of all, NewTumbl was designed for the adult industry and will always be adult-friendly.



OnlyFans: Premium / Public Social Media Site

OnlyFans is primarily a premium social network with some of the best income potential in the industry. Outside of the premium aspect, many models and brands have had tremendous success by running public OnlyFans accounts as well. So whether you want to use OnlyFans for monetization or for promotion, it’s a great choice. It is also possible to run both a public and private OnlyFans at the same time.



PleazeMe: Sexual Friendly Social Network

PleazeMe is a really odd beast. It’s geared towards exploring sexuality and is a very complex social network. There are different “Worlds” each with their own intensity. So if you’re more on the vanilla side of things, stick to the softer worlds. To where as the kinkier and harder fetishes have their place in the more intense worlds.



Sharesome: Porn Sharing Social Network

Sharesome is social media site geared around porn sharing primarily. Any Sharesome member can create their own unique topic, so the site isn’t limited by pre-defined categories. Sharesome allows for uploads of photos, gifs and videos. Sharesome users can also post links. The site also has a following and messaging functionality. Sharesome also has the Flame Token that can be tipped between users.


Semi-Porn Friendly Social Media

Even if these sites claim to allow adult content, let’s be frank: Adult accounts get shadow-banned and even if accounts are completely compliant with the TOS and Content Policy, those accounts may still get banned.



Twitter: The Adult Industry’s Best Friend

Twitter is by far the single best social network to use for marketing porn. Twitter is adult-friendly, but not quite like it used to be. You see more and more shadow bans, especially when it comes to any kind of automation. Also, it’s important to not have any explicit content in the profile or banner images. With Twitter, it’s possible to get some insane reach and many Twitter users love porn!



Reddit: The Front Page of the Internet

Reddit might be the front page of the internet, but it definitely isn’t the Backpage of the internet. Reddit is still allows for NSFW subreddits, but they are getting a lot more strict. Advertisers are no longer allowed to advertise on NSFW subreddits and “obscene” advertisements are no longer allowed on any subreddits. But all that aside, Reddit is still adult-friendly.



VK: Russian-Based Social Media Site

VK is a Russian-based social media site. Due to the site being located over in Russia, the American / Western traffic isn’t the best. Also, in their Terms of Service, it states that pornography isn’t allowed. One look at any of the NSFW pages or communities shows that this rule isn’t enforced at all. So while *TECHNICALLY* VK isn’t an adult-friendly site, it does not appear that those policies are being enforced at all.


Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

Here’s general information on how to market your porn site on social media


Building Up A Following

It doesn’t matter what social platform you’re on, building up a following is very important. The larger the follower base the more people will see each of your posts. Depending on the site and their algorithms, having a larger following can also help your content place better in site searches, hashtags and other places on the site. Not only that, but the more followers you’ve got the more shares / retweets you’ll receive. This only helps to increase the viral reach.

Add Social Media Links To Websites / Profiles: The easiest way you can build your social media following is to have your social media links in as many places as possible. If you’re a webmaster running a website, place the social media links on that site. If you’re a performer, you can also add your social media links to camming site and clip site profile pages. The more places your links are the better!


Organic Discovery On The Site

Even without having a large following, it’s still possible to gain exposure on the site. How easy this is varies drastically from social network to social network. Hashtags are one great way to gain exposure. Keep in mind that some hashtags are more competitive than others. But on the flip-side, the competitive ones tend to be the highest trafficked. Another tactic is to @mention other people. For example; if you’re an affiliate site that just dropped a scene featuring a specific performer, you tag that performer and they retweet / share, your post will gain tons of exposure from the performers massive audience.


Ghost Bans and How To Avoid Them

Ghost bans are very common for accounts posting “obscene” content. A ghost ban is where an account isn’t actually banned, but the account will never show up anywhere on the site. Not in search, not on hashtags, not anywhere. The only way a user of the social network can find the account is if they actually manually go to the URL of that account. Sometimes ghost banned accounts will show up in a feed if the person if following the ghost banned account, but that’s about it. Here’s how to avoid a ghost ban:

Avoid Automations: Social networks are able to tell when an account is being automated. It might be because the API between the auto-poster and the social network is insanely obvious. It might be the way the account is posting and the fact that it’s only posting and not interacting with other posts, users, ect. Automations are the easiest way to get ghost banned and should be used sparingly, if ever.

Don’t Spam: Spamming might be posting the same post again and again and again. It might be way too heavy with the hashtag use. It might be as simple as posting too many links with too little content.

Blocks / Complaints: Receiving too many blocks or complaints can cause your account to be ghost banned on certain social networks.

Posting Too Frequently: Posting too frequently can cause the account to get ghost banned. Especially if the rate stuff is being posted suggests that the account is a bot and not being ran by a human.


Dealing With A Banned Account

Even if you’re completely compliant with the ToS and Content Policy, there’s a chance that your account will be banned. That is just part of using social media for promoting a porn site or other adult services. Accounts get banned even if fully compliant. We’re all pushing the line to begin with and many social networks aren’t crazy about any kind of sexual content on their platform.

Disputing A Ban: It’s possible to dispute the ban, but usually this is a lost cause. Let’s face it: The mainstream social networks don’t care about porn handles. Especially if it belongs to an affiliate site or blog and not to an actual individual.

Creating A New Account: After the ban, you’ve got to contemplate whether or not to create a new account or to give up on that specific social network. Keep in mind that creating a new account means building the following back up and it’s possible that the new account might get banned as well.


Running Multiple Accounts / Profiles

It can be smart to be holding multiple accounts. This is especially true in the event of a ban. If one account gets banned, the established ones can help give the new one some initial follows, shares, ect. to help it scale up quicker. Also, if one account gets banned, at least you’ve got some others already warmed up and ready to go.


Social Media Banning Adult Content

And then there’s the doomsday scenario: The site ends up completely banning all adult content. This has happened in the past (Tumblr, as an example) and this will happen again in the future. Who knows how long Twitter will still allow explicit content? In this case, usually there’s not much left to do than to move on to the next social network that will still work with the industry.


Social Media’s Impact On SEO

Social media can also help out with your search engine rankings. This is done in several ways:

Link-Building: The largest impact is from the links that can be built via social networks. Most of them are NoFollow, but split-testing has shown that even NoFollow backlinks have a positive impact on SEO.

Social Signals: It’s been disputed whether social signals (number of followers, shares on a specific site or page, ect) have an impact on SEO. Whether they do or not, it can’t hurt to have as many as possible.

Traffic: Testing has demonstrated strong evidence that traffic impacts a page or site’s search engine rankings (although Google claims otherwise). regardless; traffic is a good thing to have.

Open Graph Data: There’s been correlation reports that suggest that having complete open graph (OG) data has a positive impact on SEO.

Social Handles Indexed In Search: And last but not least, social media profiles have the ability to get indexed in the SERPs themselves. This is especially true for performer stage-names, and there’s an advantage to having properties like your website or social media outrank camming or clip site profiles. The main advantage being the ability to send people through an affiliate link instead of them hitting the profile page directly.