How To Deal With “Summer Slowdown” In The Adult Industry


How To Deal With “Summer Slowdown”

If you’re in the industry, you’ve probably heard the term “Summer Slowdown”. If you haven’t heard it phrased that way, you’ve at least noticed the drop of traffic, sales and business in general during the summer months. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate, performer, producing content, involved in media / traffic buy or playing any other role in the adult industry. It impacts the entire sex industry and not just porn, too. Stripclub and escort business drops as well.

Here are some tips on how to cope with summer slowdown.


What Causes Summer Slowdown?

First, let’s look at what causes Summer Slowdown.┬áThe main reason is that school is out for the summer. This means that the kids are home and families are spending more time together. The sun is also out, meaning there’s more people outside doing things instead of at home on their computers.

If people are not at home and on their computers, they’re not investing as much time (and money) into porn. Naturally that will cut down on everyone’s traffic and earnings.


How Long Does The Slowdown Last?

From my personal experience, as well as the experience of many others, the slowdown will start in late spring and really start hitting hard as soon as school’s out for the summer. Traffic and sales will start picking up again as soon as summer vacation ends and everyone returns back to school. Traffic will continue to trend upwards as the temperatures keep getting colder.


Ways To Cope With Summer Slowdown

Now that we’ve established the main causes of Summer Slowdown, let’s take a look at some of the ways we can cope with it:


Keep Building Traffic / Followers / Subscribers

The best way to cope with Summer Slowdown is to keep building up your traffic sources. This means social media followers, email list subscribers, keep working on the SEO / content strategy, and doing everything else you’re doing to drive traffic and sales.

If you can build up your traffic / sales volume to what it was before the slowdown, you’ll completely cancel out the effects of the slowdown. By ramping up all the marketing efforts during the slowdown, you’ll also realize a huge benefit from what you’ve done after the slowdown ends.


Realize Earnings Will Go Back Up

It’s easy to start freaking out if you’re seeing a drop in traffic and sales. It’s important to realize what’s causing it and to know that earnings will go back up after the slowdown ends. Summer Slowdown becomes much less of a freakout moment the more years you deal with it.


Explore New Revenue Streams

This is a great time to start brainstorming how to open up new revenue streams. If you’re an affiliate, this might mean seeking out new programs to promote or new niches to dominate. Finding new and possibly more profitable programs won’t only help you through the slowdown, but will have a long-lasting impact on all earnings.

If you’re a performer, you can try looking into more unique and creative services you can offer. There’s a lot out there besides just camming and clips. Snapchat, selling panties, selling tangible items (panties, prints, ect) and running subscription-based fanclubs are all examples of different services that you can be offering.

Look at what you’re currently doing in the industry. Is there anything that you can start doing that will not only create a new revenue stream, but also compliment what you’re currently doing? Get creative and start throwing things against the wall to see if anything sticks.


Consider A Part-Time Job If Needed

I’m assuming most the readers got into the industry to get away from the jobs and hourly rate and achieve financial freedom. Because of that, this suggestion is probably quite the turnoff. But if you’re really tripping about the decrease in earnings, it’s something to consider. Having a part-time job will provide steady guaranteed income. That can relieve a lot of stress over making ends meet, and nobody likes being stressed out.


It’s The Slow Season – Get Outside and Have Fun!

Some people are probably rolling their eyes at this suggestion, but I’m dead serious. Traffic is down, sales are down and a lot more decision-makers are on vacation and with family, making collaboration harder. If you’re doing good enough during the slowdown period, consider spending less time working and more time playing. Take advantage of the lessened workload the slowdown provides. You can always start hitting the ground running as soon as summer ends.


We’d Love To Hear Your Slowdown Tips!

If you’ve got any Summer Slowdown tips, we’d love to hear from you and I’m sure the rest of the industry would appreciate it as well. Use the Disqus comment box below and let us know what you do to stay busy and earning during the summer months.