Using Yoast WordPress Plugin For Adult SEO


Yoast WordPress Plugin: Very Useful For Search Engine Optimization

If you’re running an adult WordPress website, you know how important search engine optimization is. SEO is essential to any adult webmaster. Without having a steady stream of Google traffic, webmasters will have to spend tons of money through media buy, or many hours referring traffic from social media and other sources. Not only that, but search engine traffic tends to perform better than other traffic sources, especially social media. Yoast is a very useful plugin that can help with your SEO. Here’s how.


Verify With Webmaster Tools

Although this is something you can do fairly easily by adding the code snippet to the header of your site, Yoast makes it even more simple. They’ve got a section where you can paste your verification tags for both Google and Bing.


Automatically Build Sitemaps

Adult websites have tons of content. Each scene is it’s own post. Plus there’s the category pages, tag pages, ect. This can add up to thousands of pages. For Google to index all those pages without sitemaps, the crawlers would have to crawl the internal links to all the individual pages. This can take a long time to accomplish. Sitemaps are a great way to tell Google where to find all the different pages. This can significantly help with your indexing rate. Yoast automatically updates the sitemaps when new content is added or removed. Yoast will also create mother sitemaps, and new sitemaps whenever it’s required.


Manage Meta Titles and Descriptions

Yoast helps you manage your meta titles and descriptions two different ways. Yoast makes it easy to customize how the autogenerated meta data looks. You can customize the meta data templates for the posts, pages, categories, archives and tags. Yoast also adds a meta data editor to all the different pages. This makes it easy to write your own meta title and description for each individual page on your site.


Remove Category Base

Maybe you like the category base, maybe you don’t. If you want to remove it, Yoast makes it simple to do that directly from the dashboard.


Cleaner Permalinks URL Structure

Yoast has a feature that eliminates all the tedious words from the permalink structure. The cleaner and shorter your permalinks are, the better the SEO for those particular pages. Although anyone can modify the URL structure from the post / page editor, sometimes you might forget to optimize the permalinks yourself. Also, if you’re using any form of automation, you’ll want to make sure the autogenerated permalinks are as clean and optimized as possible.


Adds Attribution Links To RSS Feed

Yoast will automatically add attribution links to the end of RSS feeds. This will include a backlink to the original article, if anyone uses your RSS feed for automations. A lot of adult webmasters will use RSS feeds to automate their sites or social media. By having attribution links on your feeds, it’ll help with linkbuilding and driving traffic back to your site.


Get Started With Yoast Today!

To get started, simply do a search for Yoast in the WordPress admin area. It’ll be the first plugin to pop-up, and you’ll see the massive number of downloads the plugin has. Download and install the plugin. There will be anĀ SEO tab below the settings. This is where you can customize all the different settings and access the link to your sitemaps.


More WordPress Plugins For Your Adult Site

Looking for more plugins for your adult site? We’ve got them all in one place! There are tons of plugins that are made specifically for the adult industry. These plugins can help import content from affiliate programs, help monetize your site and more. There’s also tons of plugins, such as Yoast, that are valuable for both adult and mainstream projects. See what else is available and add increased functionality to your site.

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