How To Build A WordPress Porn Site


Using WordPress To Build An Adult Site

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS (Content Management System) and for good reasons! Not only is WordPress insanely easy to use, but there’s also a huge developer community providing 3rd party plugins and themes that can be used to easily add increased functionality to the site. WordPress is highly used in the adult industry for sites ranging form subscription pay sites to affiliate promotion sites. Here’s all the WordPress information for adult webmasters.


How To Setup / Install WordPress

Here’s how to setup and configure WordPress


Registering A Domain and Adult-Friendly Web Hosting

The first thing you’ll need is a domain name (website name) and web hosting. Be careful when selecting a web hosting provider, because not all of them allow adult content. Here’s a list of adult-friendly web hosts. Most those sites also allow you to register the website name through them as well, and some will even throw in the website name free with new signups. If you don’t go with a web hosting provider on that list, make sure you check out the content policy with any solution before you purchase it. You don’t want to lose everything you’ve done due to a breach in policy.


Installing WordPress On Your Site

Installing WordPress is quick and easy. Some of these steps might sound complicated, but they’re really quite simple. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and if something doesn’t seem right, try backtracking.

Step 1) Download WordPress – The first step is downloading WordPress from WordPress will come in a zipped up file.

Step 2) Upload WordPress To Hosting Provider – The next step is uploading WordPress to your web hosting. This can be done through FTP or the CPanel. I normally just do it through CPanel, as you need to get in there to setup the database anyway. Upload the zip file to the root folder for your site. Unzip the file and move all the contained files from the WordPress folder into the root folder.

Step 3) Setup A Database – The next step is setting up the database. This might sound complicated, but it’s really quite simple. Most CPanels will have something called a Database Wizard. This lets you easily create a database and a user. When creating the user, give that user all privileges. Copy / paste the database name, username and password somewhere safe. It’ll be needed for the next step.

Step 4) Connect Database To WordPress – At this time, you should be able to punch the address for your website into the browser. There should be a WordPress install screen that pops up. If you don’t see that, either something went wrong when uploading WordPress to the hosting, or you need to set the nameservers for the website name. The first screen will prompt you for database information. Paste the database name, user name and password here. It’s suggested to change the table prefix from wp_ to something else. This makes your site a little harder to hack.

Step 5) Setup Site / User Information – After you enter the database information, WordPress will prompt you to fill out the website information and admin information. After this is completed you can login to WordPress and start setting up your site.


Basic WordPress Configuration and Setup

Now it’s time to configure your WordPress site. There’s a couple of tweaks that you might want to do to optimize your site. Here’s some configurations to consider:

Setting the Permalinks – Under Settings > Permalinks you can set the automatic URL structure for posts and pages. Setting the permalinks to Post name is the best option for SEO.

Comments On/Off – If you don’t want comments on your site, or don’t want to use the stock WordPress comment system, you can disable them. This is done by going to Settings > Discussion.

Removing “Just Another WordPress Site” – This is done under Settings > General.

Setting A Homepage – By default, the homepage will be the WordPress blog feed. If you’d prefer to have a static homepage instead, you can do that under Settings > Reading.

Picking Out A Theme – The next major step is picking out a theme. This is done under Appearance > Themes. You can pick between one of the many free themes offered, or upload a purchased premium themes. For more information, check out the section on adult WordPress themes linked-to below.

Adding Functionality With Plugins – Plugins are 3rd-party developed additions that can be installed onto your site. Each plugin will add increased functionality to your site. To see what’s available and suggested, check out our section on WordPress plugins linked-to below.


How To Turn WordPress Into A Porn Site

Now that we’ve got WordPress installed, let’s turn it into a porn site!


First: How WordPress Porn Sites Make Money

Before we get started, let’s first discuss how to actually monetize our WordPress porn sites, as making money is why we’re all here. Here are the primary ways that adult webmasters monetize adult WordPress sites:

Adult Traffic Networks – There are numerous adult publisher / advertiser traffic networks. These networks match up publishers with advertisers. Simply add the code snippet to the site and the ads will automatically start appearing. Ads include banners, pop-ads and many more ad types. Publishers get paid either based on impressions or for clicks.

Affiliate Programs – The other primary way to monetize your WordPress site is through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, the webmaster gets a commission when a new customer signs up for the site. Affiliate programs only pay for actual conversions and not clicks or impressions. Many affiliate programs also provide promotional content that can be used to build the actual site.


What Kind Of Porn Sites Can WordPress Support

Really WordPress can be converted into just about anything, ranging from a membership site to an actual camming site. There’s also a number of plugins and scripts that were developed specifically for the adult industry. These plugins and scripts can be used to easily import and update affiliate content. This means that not only does your site get automatically built, but it’s also got monetization potential! Here’s some of the different types of porn sites that can be easily built with WordPress.


Build A WordPress Porn Tube Site

If you’re wanting to convert WordPress into an adult tube site, that can be easily done with various plugins and themes. The themes are made to resemble the status quo tube sites and the plugins automatically import content from various supported affiliate programs.


WP-Script: WordPress Tube Site Plugin

WP-Script is a plugin that can be used to convert WordPress into a tube-style affiliate site. This is a premium plugin, but well worth the investment. With WP-Script, the webmaster simply enters all the affiliate information for the supported affiliate programs. WP-Script will then import all the embedded videos with the affiliate links attached.

Learn More: WP-Script – Adult Affiliate Marketing Plugin For WordPress


wpXtube: Import Affiliate Content Into WordPress

wpXtube is another WordPress plugin used to automatically import content from adult affiliate programs. Whenever an affiliate program ads new content, wpXtube will automatically fetch it and add wpXtube also includes a built-in content spinner to help webmasters avoid duplicate content.

Learn More: wpXtube – Import Adult Affiliate Content Into WordPress


Create A WordPress Camming Affiliate Site

Camming has changed the adult industry forever and started the indie model revolution. Camming adds a level of interactiveness not possible with studio porn. Camming has become insanely lucrative and camming sites, performers, studios and affiliates are all cashing in! WordPress is a leading CMS for camming affiliate marketing and there’s plenty of plugins that make it even easier. Here’s how to turn your WordPress site into a camming affiliate site


Cam Blog Builder by Robo-Scripts

The Cam Blog Builder – This is not a plugin, it’s a stand alone script that connects itself locally to any Wordress single blog install. The script will add new posts based on the frequency chosen. The script will also import and auto-create content using the Chimp Rewriter text spinner API.


Cam Multi-Blog Builder by Robo-Scripts

The Cam Multi Blog Builder – Works with the WordPress platform multi-site feature. This is not a plugin, although it does integrate with WordPress. Create hundreds of blogs and have all the blogs in your network auto-posting each day. Automatically imports data and spins the content for unique content


XLoveCam / XLoveCash WordPress Plugin

XLoveCam – XLoveCam autoblogging scripts. XLoveCam provides a full WordPress install with their plugins and themes. This makes it easy to deploy your very own camming autoblog site. Automatically imports XLoveCam models and XLoveCash affiliate program information.


Visit-X Affiliate Program WordPress Plugin

Visit-X / PornMe – Visit-X, BeiAnrufSex and PornMe is a popular German camming site and clip selling site. They offer a WordPress theme and plugins that allow you to import and feature their camming models and adult content for sale on your WordPress site.


WPLiveCam: Import Chatrooms From Multiple Cam Sites

WPLiveCam can auto-import models from a wide range of camming sites. Online models are displayed first, but offline models are available and can be indexed to appear in Google Search. The WPLiveCam script comes with their very own WordPress theme that’s designed to work with the script. With your license key, you’ll also get any future theme updates as well.


ModelNet Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

ModelNet is a camming site CMS powering a large number of camming sites. ModelNet also offers an affiliate program that comes with a WordPress plugin. With the WordPress plugin, affiliates are able to import any and all webcam models from the ModelNet network.


Create A WordPress Membership Site

If you’re a porn producer wanting to put together a membership pay site, WordPress can easily be used for that as well. WordPress comes with a membership functionality right out of the box, and with the use of a couple plugins, you can create a paywall and charge for access to the members area.


Adult-Friendly Payment Processor Needed

Keep in mind that if you’re going this route, you’ll also need to partner with a high-risk payment processor that works with adult sites. This is something that you’re going to have to manually integrate into WordPress.


Other Pay Site Solutions Available

While WordPress is a great solution for building membership sites, it’s worth noting that there’s other solutions available as well. These solutions were designed specifically for the purpose of setting up membership sites. Some hosted solutions are also available with no upfront costs, no need for hosting and no payment processor integration.

If you want to see what else is available, check out our post on building a porn pay site.


Build A WordPress Camming, Clip or PSO Site

Throughout the years we’ve seen a number of WordPress sites used to deploy clip sites, camming sites and phone sex sites. Although these are beautiful examples of what can be done with WordPress, there are reasons why it’s not always the greatest idea. Primarily because WordPress is primarily a blogging platform. It was never intentionally designed to support model and customer accounts. Therefore, in wrestling with the plugins and code to get it to behave exactly how you want, there could be vulnerabilities. If none are present, there’s a chance some could easily open up with something as simple as upgrading a file. Therefore, it’s worth urging caution when considering going this route.


Using WordPress As An Affiliate Blog

When thinking about porn sites, nobody ever really thinks of a blog. But if you’re using WordPress for adult affiliate marketing, it’s actually one of the most effective uses for it. Let’s not forget that WordPress was designed to be a blogging platform. Not only that, but it’s hands-down the best blogging platform available!

There’s some advantages and disadvantages to running a blog over any other flavor of WordPress porn site / affiliate site. The disadvantage is that blogging takes a great deal of time and effort. The advantages is that blogging provides quality unique content, to where syndicated content will always have some level of duplicate content to it. Another

advantage to blogging is that a blog could stay risque while still being safe-for-work enough to use mainstream social networks like Facebook without risk of a ban and not be filtered by the Google Safe Search. This can enable a blog to tap into mainstream traffic sources that a porn site never could.


How To Promote A WordPress Porn Site

Now that we’ve gone over the types of sites we can build, let’s talk promotion!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is something that all webmasters should know a thing or two about. SEO can take time and effort, but once a website gets ranked (Assuming it stays ranked) that website will bring in a steady stream of high-quality traffic. Learning and applying SEO is the single best thing you could do to promote your WordPress site. There’s two major kinds of SEO that we’ll explain briefly. If you’d like to learn more about SEO, check out the article linked-to in this paragraph.

Onsite SEO – Onsite SEO is the optimization of everything on the actual website. This primarily means the text, header text, image file name and meta and other HTML elements. It also means things like improving site speed and indexability, as well as the internal linking and anchor text.

Offsite SEO – Offsite SEO is everything that occurs off the actual website. This primarily means link-building. Google looks at the number of websites linking to another website as a sign of authority. Google also looks at the anchor text (hyperlinked text) to better help determine the content of the linked-to page.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another great traffic source. Unfortunately when it comes to social media, the choices are sorta limited. Many mainstream social networks, like Facebook for example, do not allow explicit content. Even the ones that do still allow nudity are starting to crack down on adult accounts with shadow bans and increasingly stricter rules. Fortunately there’s still some adult social networks left, and even a number of social networks designed specifically for porn.

Learn More: Social Media Marketing For Porn Sites


Email Marketing

Email marketing is another one of those marketing channels that is more challenging for adult than it is mainstream. For starters, the majority of the email marketing platforms do not support adult content. To make things more challenging, many of the keywords used by adult sites are considered spammy and increases the odds of ISP filtering and hitting the spam box. To make matters even worst, adult industry emails also receive a higher percentage of spam complaints than other verticals. Despite all these challenges, there are some adult-friendly email marketing solutions out there and email is still a great channel.


Adult Forums and Communities

There are many adult forums and communities out there. Some of them are generic while others are geared towards a specific fetish / niche. By being active on these forums, you’ll get your content in front of the eyes of many potential customers. This drastically improves when it’s a forum dedicated to a specific fetish. In addition to exposure, posting to forums also builds backlinks and helps with SEO.